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R. Fairhurst

Feb 14, 2019
Hello there Titanicans,
Like countless others before me, I've been fascinated by the Titanic for as long as I can remember but I'm new to the forum and have already learned so much new stuff about the Titanic and its sad demise it's just not true.

It's quite normal that newbies on any forum will always start by asking questions that have probably been asked hundreds of times before but here goes--
(I tried using the search facility but I was unable to persuade it to help me. Doubtless with time I will learn! :rolleyes:)
1. I have seen the Titanic usually referred to as RMS, I think I have always understood that (Royal Merchant Ship - am I right??) but 'SS Titanic' too.
I assume that SS stands for Steam Ship but why would it be refered to as such rather than RMS, if in the case of the Titanic it does mean Steam Ship?

2. I'm currently building my 2nd model of the Titanic and have a question regarding colours.
Is there a source of information regarding paint colours used throughout the Titanic, or at least a guide to general colours in use around 1912
One colour I'm specifically interested in is the colour of paint used on the inside surfaces of air vent openings on deck. I seem to remember that a dark red was not uncommon in navy/merchant ships but would be interested to know what others think or know.

3. Also on both sides of each funnel there appear to be tectangular section vents facing in opposite directions clearly visible on the commonly avaiable section view of the ship.If these are in fact vents, would their inside colour be identical to other on-deck vents?

4. Even my wife knows that the Titanic had four funnels (because I asked her!) but it was only a few days ago that I learned that it was planned she have three funnels but it was thought that a ship of these gigantic proportions should be fitted with four.
So far so good!
Now my question was simple. Which funnel was the 'fake'

I examined all the photos of Titanic available to me and online and came to the conclusion it was the rearmost, sorry, aftmost(?) funnel which also seems to have different inserts at the top to the other three as though anybody would be able to look down on it!
So once again am I right?

I'm not trying to be clever with my asumptions just genuinely interested in the answers and hope to be able to join in the conversations here from time to time.

Kind regards
Roger Fairhurst

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
First the easy bit. RMS means Royal Mail Steamer (or Ship). Shipping lines liked to use this title as it suggested speed and reliability. Normally, the ships were just SS, for Steam Ship.

For paint, you need the Titanic Research and Modelling Association. Its website is now defunct but you can get all you want via the Wayback Machine at Titanic Paint and Color Reference

Mark Baber

Jul 4, 2000
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