Painted windows of the smokingroom


Sorry if this question has been answered before but can anyone tell me: "What was shown on the painted windows of the smoking-room?"

EDIT: And douse anyone maby know if the fireplace was in marmer.

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Damon Hill

Hi Carl. I asked a similar question only a couple of months ago. The discussion is under the thread of Smoking Room windows here on the Technical/Design/Construction page. I think the fireplace was marble, at least it seems to be in the photos i've seen of it.

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Brian R Peterson

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Hi Carl,

You can see photos of the Smoking Room in just about every book every printed about the Titanic, and yes the fireplace is marble.

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In regard to the figures in the stained glass panels, located on the funnel casing, I seem to recall reading somewhere years ago that the figures were supposed to be depictions of "Flora" and "Fauna," but don't remember where that was. It was a casual remark and I only recalled it after reading on the message board. I'm probably dead in the water on this one, so don't take it as the last word.


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I'm studying the windows in the First Class Smoke Room. Does everyone knows why the WSL takes eight muses and which ones???

I think that on the fireplace side were Urania and maybe Kalliope.
On the other side could be Terpsichore and maybe Melpomene.
On the starbord side could it be Erato, but the first one I could not identified. (Euterpe or Thalia)
On the port side it could be Polyhymnia and Klio.

Andre Welzbacher

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Sorry, but my english is not so perfect ;)
Hope that everything is okay now?

Can someone help me with the muses on the windows at the First Class Smoke Room?

Mark Baber

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Hope that everything is okay now?

Yep. Thanks.

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I have studied for some time, through discussions and research on the internet to try to identify the decorative pictures in the smoking room of the TITANIC, since we have no real images, we rely on RMS OLYMPIC, and realized that are 8 muses of Mitogia Greek Roman.
Compared with their representative physical and ornamental descriptions.
Beside the marble fireplace, stained glass windows were two:
- The right was - Urania - Muse of Astronomy and Navigation
13295251_1034218829980573_1318383622_n (1).jpg 13313846_1034226913313098_1606424399_o (1).jpg
- The left was - Clio - Muse of History
13318493_1034218833313906_913712481_n.jpg 13329634_1034226909979765_1601092990_n.jpg
On the wall in front of the fireplace, there were two more victories with muses, as follows:
- The left was - Euterpe - Muse of Lyric Poetry, Music
Captura de pantalla 2013-05-21 a la(s) 02.04.jpg 13288432_1034229313312858_1953943653_o.jpg
- The right was - Terpischore - Muse of Dance
Stained Glass Terpsichore.jpg 13293052_1034229193312870_457766833_n.jpg
On the left side wall of the chimney duct (port), there were two stained with muses, as follows:
- The left was - Talía - Muse of Comedy
Leaded Glass pintor.jpg S20.3EThaleia.jpg

- The right was - Calliope - Muse of Eloquence
Sculptor.jpg 0af4f06f7d12f2eab2ec08a91f3d3cf5clio.jpg

* Note: I think it would not be women.
the first (left) would be a man painting, and the second (right) would also be a carving man.
On the right wall of the chimney duct (starboard), there were two stained with muses, as follows:
- The left was - Erato - Muse of Poetry Romantic
88589e371d7be05c48d942342191c9bd.jpg 13321025_1034229756646147_2046278313_o.jpg
- The right was - Polhymnia - Muse of Sacred Hymns

* Note: No images showing the last stained glass, is a mere deduction for the harmony of the characters (muses)
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