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Frank King

A friend of mine recently purchased a painting of a young woman who is said to have died with the Titanic sinking.The portrait was painted in a hotel in Southampton before embarking on the Titanic. The painting included a note written by the late artist which read,"For Mr. Graves,lady died on the Titanic".According to the artist's grandson,Mr.Graves was an englishman and the young lady's fiance.He had paid a deposit on the commision,but never returned to pick up the painting after the Titanic tragedy.My researh so far has led me to a dead-end.I am hoping that someone can give me some help or suggestions. Thank you.

Frank King

I must apologize for inadvertantly excluding the most important statement in my message of Saturday March 25. Which is the purpose of my research " to find the identity of the young lady in the painting". Thanks again for any information that I may recieve.

Jason Bidwell

Frank ---

I could find no woman who was a fiancee of a Mr. Graves. But here are the names of unmarried women who died on the Titanic, and who embarked from Southampton, and who are not known to have been engaged to someone else. If anything, it is a start.

From Second Class:
Annie Funk, 38.
Marta Hiltunen, 18.
Henriette Yrois, 24. (She may or may not have been William Harbeck's mistress).

From Third Class:
Ida Andersson, 38.
Elin Braf, 20.
Marija Cacic, 30.
Manda Cacic, 21.
Gerda Dahlberg, 22.
Doolina Ford, 21.
Lillian Goodwin, 16.
Aloisia Haas, 24.
Alice Harknett, 21.
Wendla Heininen, 23.
Jenny Henriksson, 28.
Ida Ilmakangas, 27.
Pieta Ilmakangas, 25.
Katriina Jussila, 20.
Mari Jussila, 21.
Maria Kink, 22.
Kristina Laitinen, 37.
Agda Lindahl, 25.
Manta Nieminen, 29.
Marija Oreskovic, 20.
Jelka Oreskovic, 23.
Matilda Petranec, 28.
Ellen Petterson, 18.
Susanna Riihivuori, 22.
Stella Sage, 20.
Ida Strandberg, 22.
Augusta Vanderplancke, 18.

From the Crew:
Stewardess Katherine Walsh, 32.

I would recommend you check out the biographies for these women on this site. Often there are photographs included with the bio, and so you may be able to recognize or rule out some women. Also, many of these women I listed are immigrants from the Scandinavian and Eastern European countries heading to live in America permanently, and so are unlikely to have become engaged to an Englishman. I would also caution you that it is quite possible that the information inscribed on the painting is inaccurate.
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