Palm Court & Verandah Cafe

Yourj Benig

Palm Court & Verandah Cafe Menu

I know that only appetizers or desserts can be eat in Palm Court and Verandah.. But what are the exact menu list of that cafe??
Yourj: I don't think any menus survived from those two restaurants. The menus we have from Titanic are ones that passengers just happened to have in handbags, pockets, etc. when the ship sank. I also do not know of an a la Carte Restaurant menu surviving. So, sorry, there just isn't much information.
As only light refreshments were available in these locations there probably was no need for a menu. I imagine that if you entered and sat down a steward would approach and ask if you wanted tea or coffee, then perhaps a trolley would be wheeled to your table with a variety of cakes, pastries and other temptations available for selection.
Bob: It's my impression that these two restaurants functioned mainly for tea, is that correct? That would indeed entail trolleys of cakes and pastries, plus sandwiches like cucumber, chicken and shrimp (Feh! Anyone who wants my portion of shrimp is welcome to it).
Restaurants? They would surely never have been considered that. They were lounging areas where stewards could provide beverages and the lightest of (probably cold) fare. There was no facility for food preparation other than a very small pantry shared with the Smoke Room.

I'll have your shrimps, Sandy! Got any more?
Bob: I meant "restaurants" only in the sense that people could visit these areas and be provided with food upon request.

I'll trade you my shrimps for a chicken sandwich!

David MS

I have a doubt:

In a article I read that spanish 2nd class passengers the night of sinking they were into the Veranda Cafe, but I thoung this room only was exclusive to 1st Class Passengers. ¿Someone knows something about it?

David MS

In the spanish magazine "Sapiens" I read the 2nd class passengers E. Pallàs, told his nephew He and his travel compatriots were in the Verandah Cafe the night of sinking. For this tale, I have a doubts.

David MS

I suppose the descendants were wrong or they didn't understand well his words. A 2nd class passengers never could be in this Café.
This is not directly related to this subject. But if you were a 2nd or even a 3rd Class passenger and had been invited to have a meal by a 1st Class passenger would you have been admitted ?
No. The segregation of passengers in the three Classes (which applied in both directions) was demanded by the US Immigration authorities and was strictly enforced.
Admittedly much of the 1997 "Titanic" movie was fiction. This was in relation to the episode with "Jack Dawson" attending dinner along with "Caledon Hockley" et al. This would not have been possible ?


Even if it were possible, it wouldn't have happened. It was basically segregation. Even assuming the very small odds that a 2nd class passenger knew a 1st class passenger, and were both onboard together, separation of classes was part of the perks of a 1st class ticket.
I assume it would have been simple. If you were on one class passenger list you would only be allowed to be only in the areas for that class and not to any others .