Palsson family

OH MY OH MY OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH HILDUR THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!! Do you know when those pictures were taken?
I am assuming the photo of Alma and Gösta was taken in 1911 and the picture of Paul and Torborg was probably taken around 1912, given the ages of the children.
The photo came form an exhibition that i couldn't quite remember the name of.
Just seeing a not very clear photo of those children is more than enough for me
I've been looking for a photo of Torborg and Paul for years and I was soooo amazed when I saw that one!!!
Thank you so much now I now what all of Alma's children looked like!
The photos of the Palsson family above can also me viewed on Youtube, under the title of TITANIC GHOSTS DOCUMENTARY. pLace that in to the search engine and a 4-part video will appear. For anyone interested in the Unknown child, i'd advise you watch the video.

Make note: The Panula photos at the end if part 4, is not the family. It was a mistaken identity.