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Hello...I heard that some of my favourite subjects were being debated here, so I joined to see what's going on. In case you don't know me, please visit my website at:

Down at the bottom of the core page is a link to a page that provides a quick summary of my involvement with Titanic. I'm looking forward to talking with many of you!

Parks (or "Sparks," as some may know me)

Nathan Heddle

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Hey Parks,

Welcome to the board. If you are a Titanic buff, then your favourite topics are most definately being debated here.

Look forward to chatting with you.


Inger Sheil

G'day, Parks!

To introduce you properly to those who don't yet know you, Sparks is officially on the 'splendid blokes' list. An indefatigable and original researcher, with one of the soundest grasps of the technical aspects of the ship of anyone working in the field (which earned him a spot on the Marine Forensics Panel).

On top of all that, he's bloody good fun and a gentleman. My ambition in life - and I confess it here freely - is to get him to the UK so I can sit and watch as he goes through the boxes of evidence submitted to the Olympic/Hawke inquiry. In the past he's had the frustration of listening to me describe them ('um....well....there's lots of photos? And...lemmee see now...oh yeah, telegrams from Bruce Ismay...technical data? Sure, that was in there. Oh, what technical data?')

Good to see you here!


Pat Cook

Sparks, O M!

What a grand surprise! Tickled to see you've joined this merry band of roistering researchers (Sorry, been reading "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"). I wholeheartedly (is that one word?) concur with Ing about this guy. A most thorough researcher and grand fellow all around.

Warmest regards,

Susan Markowitz

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I'm on my way out the door, but have to pause long enough to say hi -- I'm so glad you found your way here!

Dear Ing and my "psychic-twin" Cookie have got it right -- Parks is one special fellow, multi-talented, and overly modest. Cannot wait to read your contributions...

All the best -- Susan :)

Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Parks,

Welcome aboard! My nickname is also Sparks! Their are a lot of great topics here on this wonderful board that will interest you. I checked out your website and it's very interesting.

I enjoyed your previous posts and I look forward to more of them.

Best regards,

Welcome Parks.
I read through (quickly) your site and it is a very fine site! I like the way it is arranged and I will go back to it alot to read more and more the weeks to come. Thanks so much for sharing it here.

Dean Manning

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Hi Parks.

You may not remember me, but a few months ago we exchanged a few e-mails with regards to the sources you used to construct the technical portions of your site. In any case, welcome aboard, and I look forward to your posts and your expertise!

One other thing. A spot on the Marine Forensics Panel?! cool.

I want to thank all who sent me warm messages of greetings here. Ing, you actually caused me to blush. Cook, Countess, Bonnie,'s always a pleasure. Michael, my old shipmate from that horrible deployment in the USS Ranger, good to see you again. For the rest, I look forward to meeting all of you!


Kara Michele Kloss

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Sparks -

Welcome!!!! Great site! Nice picture! Still in the Navy? My father is a blue and gold officer, used to be an Academy boy.

I have been amazed at the professionalism and eloquent speech of those involved in this site. (Not to mention their vast knowledge). Mo and Shell - after all this bologna I'm feeding I guess I better make sure that he doesn't see our fight to the death over the Texan! But seriously, the people here are wonderful!!! Do you know some of them already? (It sounds like it from the welcome you got.) And they know a students are slowly becoming experts on the subject thanks to them telling me the fact from the fiction. I will have them tune into your site as well. Maybe they can learn a little more from you! Changing the face of the future....who knew?

Anyway, Sparks, you can find out more about me in my profile. I'd send you to my website don't have one!!!

Great to see you here!!!
Hi Sparks...that deployment on the Ranger that year wasn't one of my favorites for sure. A collision, a fire, and what was it...something like 13 guys didn't make it back. Nice thing about being retired from all of that is that i don't have to deal with it any more.

BTW, how's it going with the Iwo jima? I've seen some of her sister ships, notably the Essex. I'm impressed with their capabilities.

Michael H. Standart

I'll let you know about the Iwo when I get back from trials. I spent my last years in the Navy on an LHA (Belleau Wood) and LPH (Tripoli). I have only been onboard an LHD (Essex) for a Change of Command ceremony. Most of the ships I work on now are big-deck carriers (Ike, Kennedy, Nimitz), and although Wasp carries our system, Iwo will be the first LHD that I will have occasion to ride.


Thanks for your welcome. I am retired Navy now, but still working in the defense industry, where my customer is the Navy. Your father went to the Academy? Then he didn't "used to be an Academy boy"...he still is one! Sorry...I'm required to say that.

Good to see a teacher on the sister is a teacher in Virginia. No telling how many times she says "y'all" in a sentence...didn't know you Yankees used it, too.

Any time I can help with your class, please let me know.

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