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Brian R Peterson

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a drawing of the B Deck Parlor Suites B 51-55 and B 52-56.

I have some photos of the sitting rooms and what I believe to be the bedrooms, however I am unsure of the colors to use on furniture and carpets etc.

Also which cabin numbers were for which rooms, I looked at a plan of the Titanic which was really the Olympic I found the hard way, and it threw me into a mess of confusion.

Also what decor styles are these rooms done in?

If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

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Dec 6, 2000
Hi Brian,

The Sitting Rooms were B-51 and B-52, The Bedrooms B-53/55 and B-54/56.

What photographs do you have? Specifically what books are they from?
Jun 4, 2003
Hi all! I saw in the deck plans that the Carters were booked in suites that looked exactly in the aft grand staircase in B deck! Wasn't that a bit too crowded and noisy? After all, it was a public place and very near to the a la carte restaurant and Cafe Parisien. Any comments? Thanks!!!

Brian R Peterson

Hi George,

Those cabins are in the Aft Grand Staircase, however the recessed entry hallway would help filter out noise, as would the paneling in the Aft GSC, the hallway and the cabins themselves. I doubt noise was a problem in these or any other cabins.

The First Class Restaurant was divided off from the Aft GSC by both the Restaurant Reception Room and the Restaurant Galley, and the Cafe Parisien was outside of the Aft GSC.

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Brian R Peterson

Hi Jack,

C-62 was the sitting room for C-64 and was decorated in Louis Seize.

I am not sure what decor C-64 or C-66 were in however, I do not believe there are photos of these cabins to verify.

However through the open door to C-62 you can glimpse the walls of C-64 they are white and you can just make out a stained glass window and a wicker chair, I would venture a guess and say C-64 was decorated in Adams based on lack of visible wall adornments.

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Dec 7, 2000

The photo of "C 62" in Triumph and Tragedy is misidentified. While that photo is of a Louis Seize sitting room, that is not a C Deck room and the next-door cabin seen through the open doorway is in Empire style. The real C 62 was in the Louis Quatorze style (Louis XIV).

In the new book which is coming out, "Titanic: The Ship Magnificent" I go into detail about each of the staterooms decorated in a period style and there are also deck plans which show all of the styles of the large staterooms on B and C Deck.




Jan 18, 2014
Parlour Suites and First class Suites

So, I hope I get this right. There were 2 types of first class suites. A first class stateroom and 4 parlour suites. 2 of those parlour suites had their own promenade deck, correct? What were the differences of the rooms? What did each room have? Who occupied the parlour suites. I know Ismay occupied one. And how did some first class rooms have FIREPLACES without burning the whole ship down!? Was it fake fire to trick the human eye?

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