Passagers Français (French Passengers)

Logan Horning

Dec 4, 2018
Bonjour. I am a student who is taking French, and I would like to know about some of the French passengers on the Titanic. I already know all about the young Navratil brothers, Michel Jr. and Edmond, who were brought onto the ship after being captured by their father, who gave them different names for the voyage, and were placed into the last lifeboat (Collapsible D) just before the ship sank, becoming reunited with their mother a few weeks after the sinking, fighting in the French army in World War II, and Michel eventually being the last male Titanic survivor. But, I'm not here for that. I would like to know about other French passengers. Are there any facts about any other French passengers that you find interesting? Feel free to tell me. Merci beaucoup!

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