Passenger lifeboat drills postTitanic

Eloise Aston

Feb 24, 2009
I'm trying to work out when passenger lifeboat drills became standard. I know that cruise ships (which I assume includes the transatlantic crossings) are now required to have them within 24 hours of departure, and that different categories of ships such as ferries are (for practical reasons) not required to have actual drills, just to provide safety information. I presume this is in SOLAS (1974?), though haven't been able to find more than a synopsis of the provisions.

I also know that liners in the 1950s, when my mother was going back and forth to India with P&O, had passenger drills, and it seems that Cunard White Star Line had them at least by the late 40s. However, I can't work out if they were immediately introduced after Titanic sank; SOLAS 1914 (which I know wasn't ratified thanks to other posts in this section - thanks!) only mentions that crew drills would be made mandatory.

Anyone have a definite answer? I'm pretty sure they did come in soon after the sinking, but wanted something a bit more solid, which Google hasn't yet come up with.


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