Passenger list problems boarding at Cherbourg

Jan 15, 2006
I have been trying to discover how many and who boarded Titanic at Cherbourg via the tender SS Nomadic. I believe 274 boarded, and Nomadic is credited with taking them all (including 102 3rd class despite being designed primarily for the 1st & 2nd class passengers). However i am told that Traffic (built for 3rd class) was used on this occasion and was first out to Titanic.

If this is so, then who was onboard Traffic? Were the 102 3rd class really onboard Nomadic?
Or were there more 3rd class passengers onboard Traffic?... i think she could hold 1000!

I need to get to the bottom of this if anyone can help

thanks, Mervyn.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
I suggest you start with Who Sailed on Titanic, by Debbie Beavis.

The basic problem is that the Cherbourg list of passengers vanished long ago. The other passenger lists from Southampton and Queenstown are endorsed to that effect. Even getting the numbers right is difficult, never mind who went on which ship.
Jul 20, 2000
My conclusion based on a Name by Name count is that 272 passengers boarded at Cherbourg. - 144 First Class, 26 Second Class and 102 Third Class.

274 comes from Titanic's Certificates of Clearance, but they contain obvious errors.

As to who was on which tender? - In Titanic Destination Disaster ..... Eaton & Haas say:
"The 172 first and second class passengers and their luggage filled less than a fifth of the space on Nomadic, while the mails and 102 third class passengers with their luggage filled scarcely a quarter of Traffic."
Jan 15, 2006
Thanks for that chaps.

Lester, i wonder if that information is eyewitness testimony, or merely the authors comparison based on both vessels maximum capacity?

If it is an authentic account, it goes a long way to answering my question.

- Mervyn.

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