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Jul 20, 2000
Hi Delia,

On these pages under: Carpathia: Carpathia Passenger Lists in June, Vera Gillespie posted a list of passengers who "booked through the Chicago Cunard Office for passage on the Carpathia".

Let me know if you have any difficulties locating the post.

George Dolejsi

Hi Delia,
Did you find the Carpathia passenger list ?
I am looking for passengers by the name of Poth.

George Dolejsi

Hi Delia,
I forgot to mention in my last note that I am looking for the passenger list from 15 April 1912.
Sep 6, 2002


Carpathia's Passengers, Who Were
Bound for Mediterranean, Back.

The passengers on the Carpathia, whose trip to the Mediterranean was interrupted to aid those saved from the Titanic, are:

Rev. R. B. Anderson, Baltimore, Mr.
Mr. J. A. Badenock, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Mr. A. Barnard, Boston, Mass.
Miss M. R. Birkhead, St. Louis, Mo.
Miss S. Birkhead, St. Louis, Mo.
Mr. V. Biaggi, New York, N. Y.
Miss Marie Bunn, New York, N. Y.
Mr. H. B. Burke, Buffalo, N. Y.
Mrs. Wilson M. Carr, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. L. Catty, New York, N. Y.
Miss Catty, New York,N. Y.
Rev. Prof. G. Clements, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dr. S. Coit
Capt. Charles F. Crain, U.S.A.
Mrs. Crain, Chicago, Ill.
Miss Elisabeth Crain, Chicago,Ill.
Mr. Alfred Crocker, New York, N. Y.
Mrs. Crocker, New York, N. Y.
Miss S. A. Crocker, New York, N. Y.
Mr. H. M. Chapin, Providence, R.I.
Mrs. Chapin, Providence, R.I.
Mr. Colin Campbell Cooper, New York, N.Y.
Mrs. Cooper, New York, N.Y.
Miss R. McF. Doble, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. John Dorran, Philadelphia, Penn.
Mr. George A. Douglass, New York, N. Y.
Mrs. Douglass, New York, N. Y.
Miss Fabian, Chicago, Ill.
James A. Fenwick, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. Fenwick, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. A. de P. Fowler, Baltimore, Md.
Mrs. M. O. Fowler, Baltimore, Md.
Miss A. S. Fowler, Baltimore, Md.
J. H. Grenville Gilbert, New York.
Mrs. Gilbert, New York.
Miss H. Grenville Gilbert, New York.
Miss M. M. Glidden, New York.
Dr. W. Hill, New York.
William J. Hiss, East Orange, N. J.
Mrs. Hiss, East Orange, N. J.
Miss A. Hoffstot, New York.
The Rev. Albert Hogue, Boston, Mass.
Miss Sadie Horwitz, New York.
L. B. Hoyt, Albany, N. Y.
Mrs. Hoyt, Albany, N. Y.
Mrs. A. Huber, Chicago, Ill.
C. M. Hutchinson, Pittsburgh, Penn.
Mrs. Hutchinson, Pittsburgh, Penn.
C. Iddiols, St. Louis, Mo.
Mrs. Iddiols, St. Louis, Mo.
J. R. Joyce, New York
J.F. Kemp, New York.
E. H. Kiene, New York.##
B. Lazzolo, San Francisco, Cal.
Mrs. Lazzolo, San Francisco, Cal.
Earl J. Listibach, New York.
Mrs. Charles Lowell, Boston, Mass.
Miss M. B. Lowel, Boston, Mass.
W. E. Luce, New York.
Miss L. M. Luce, New York
Miss M. E. Luce, New York.
Charles H. Marshall and valet, New York.
Mrs. Marshall and maid, New York.
Miss Evelyn Marshall, New York.
Miss L. Matthews, Baltimore, Md.
Philip Mauro, New York.
J. Meirdones, New York.
Miss E. dí•Meirguard, New York.
F. J. Merrick, Pittsburgh, Penn.
Mrs. F. S. Merrick, Pittsburgh, Penn.
MIss S. T. M. Murphy, New York.
Miss May Murphy, New York.
W. S. McCarty, Buffalo, N. Y.
Louis M. Ogden, New York.
Mrs. Ogden, New York.
Miss F. D. Palmer, Toronto.
Miss B. Palmer, Toronto.
Miss Grace D. Parsons, Brooklyn, N. Y.
C. T. Phelps, North Adams, Mass.
Mrs. Pritchard, North Adams, Mass.
Mr. C. W. Reynolds, Albany, N. Y.
Mrs. Reynolds, Albany, N. Y.
Mrs. M. Robbins, New York.
Miss Mauro Robbins, New York.
O. Sinical, Boston, Mass.
Mr. Skidmore, New York
Mrs. Skidmore, New York.
J. A. Shuttleworth, New York.
Mrs. Shuttleworth, New York.
Miss E. Shuttleworth, New York.
Miss J. Shuttleworth, New York.
Miss M. Shuttleworth, New York.
George W. Smith, Philadelphia.
Mrs. Smith, Philadelphia.
Mr. Soloman, New York.
Mrs. Soloman, New York.
Charles Spielmann, New York.
Miss K. Steele, Baltimore, Md.
Miss E. B. Stevens, Boston, Mass.
Miss C. Touztine, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. M. T. Tytleu, Boston, Mass.
Miss W. H. Underwood, New York.
Miss Underwood, New York.
F. O. Vandewater, Chicago, Ill.
Mrs. Vandewater, Chicago, Ill.
J. S. Van Riper, New York.
Mrs. Van Riper, New York.
Miss Helen Winkler, New York.

The Carpathiaí•s officers are: Commander - A. H Rostron, R.D.R.N.R; Surgeon - Frank E. McGee; Chief Steward - E. H. Hughes; Purser - E. G. F. Brown, R.N.R; Assistant Purser - P. B. Barnett.

Vera Gillespie

christopher john hubert

My grandmother and my father (9 months old at the time) were on the Carpathia voyage that responded to the Titanic in 1912. I remember well the stories my grandmother told of helping the survivors off the lifeboats, giving them blankets and such.
It would be of great value to me and my family to see evidence from a passenger list listing their names. I hope someday to find one on a listing board like this one.
Their names were Anna Hubert and her son (my Dad) John Hubert.
They were both enroute to their homeland of Scorenovac, Yugoslavia.
My grandmother Anna Hubert later spent 2 years in a Russian concentration camp after WW2 and my father, Dr. John Hubert, by then a surgeon in Michigan, was able to get her out to the US.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I love this list!
Chris Hubert
Monterey, California
Sep 6, 2002
Hi Chris,

We believe that your grandmother's name was listed on the Carpathia Passenger List as a first class passenger. There listed is a name: A. Huber. (There is no mention of a baby.)

The Carpathia Passenger List was printed by the New York Times, April 19. 1912. There is a name: Mrs. A. Huber, Chicago, Ill.

Hope this helps.

Vera Gillespie
Aug 20, 2000
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Mrs Huber cannot be your grandmother. Mrs Huber was Miss Maude Vandeventer before her marriage, and had been born in St. Louis, Missouri. She was travelling to Europe for a holiday with her mother and brother.
Again, most sorry

christopher john hubert

Thank you both, Vera and Craig, for you posts. I will keep trying.
Sep 6, 2002

"Can anyone tell me how Lewis P. Skidmore (the Brooklyn man on the
Carpathia who completed young Jack Thayer's drawings) has managed to
become "L.D. Skidmore" in a number of recent Titanic books? The
signature on the drawings clearly is "L.P." and there are other
examples of his upper case "P" and "D" elsewhere on the page. All the
contemporary newspapers[*] I've seen cited him as "Lewis P." or "L.P."
for both his drawings and his photographs."

The newspapers and books printed Mr. Skidmore's name what they thought was correct. It was "someone's simple error."

His name was Lewis Palmer Skidmore or L. P. Skidmore.
As a young art teacher on the faculty of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, he was bound for six months study in Italy at the time of the historical incident.

Jan 1, 2007
When my great-grandmother passed away in 1951, two items that came to us from her estate were an oil portrait of my 4th great-grandfather, who had been an innkeeper on the National Pike in Brownsville, PA, in the early 1800's, and a fascinating old book: THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC, MEMORIAL EDITION, published almost immediately after the disaster in 1912. I was eight years old at the time, and the discovery of this book amongst the dusty leather-bound novels of Dickens and Scott that emerged from boxes off the van from Pennsylvania was enthralling to me. I memorized all the grisly statistics and marvelled at the artist's conceptions of the mammoth four-stacker with her stern high in the air, poised for the final plunge.
The gentleman recommended to restore the portrait by Atlanta's High Museum of Art was Louis P. Skidmore, who in the 1950's resided with his wife in a lovely, red brick Tudor-style home on Piedmont Avenue in Buckhead.
When the courtly old, grey-haired gentleman returned with the beautifully restored painting to hang it over my parents' mantlepiece, he noticed the book about TITANIC in my hands. I carried it around with me until I literally wore the binding off the old volumn. (Eight-year-old boys are rightfully known for being ghoulish.)
"Young man, I was on board the rescue ship and would be glad to answer any questions you might have about that event," he said. "I and my young bride were on our way to an extended honeymoon in Italy and instead awoke one very chilly morning to find our ship stopped in the midst of lifeboats and ice floes with all those shivering people being hauled up onto our decks."
This is certainly as good an example of six degrees of separation as I have ever experienced in my lifetime.

Mike Poirier

Dec 12, 1999
Hi Peter
That's something! Do you know what became of Mr. Skidmore? Brian Ticehurst put out a book about the Carpathia rescue and Craig Stringer write a lengthy article on the subject as well.
Jun 5, 2008
I'm trying to find the descendants of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mansfield Ogden, passengers on the Carpathia. They were from Tuxedo Park, New York. Any leads would be much appreciated.
Jun 8, 2008

Mrs. Ogden was my mother's godmother a very distant relative. I have a pix of her holding my mother. Sorry, I do not know if she had children. If you find something out, I would love to know.
Jul 31, 2007
I am interested in acquiring a list of the passengers (not crew) who were on the Carpathia. I have a tape I made of a lady in 1998 (at age 100) who claims to have been on the Carpathia. She has since died. She was traveling from Ellis Island to France under an assumed name because of political threats on her family. She stated that she had to switch to the Carpathia because of engine trouble on her original ship. She would have been around 14 on the Carpathia. Does any one have any knowledge of Carpathia passengers? Thanks!

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Mike Poirier

Dec 12, 1999
Hi Melinda

You can find a list in Vera and John Gillespie's book- the Titanic man. And Craig Stringer did a lengthy article on the passengers


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