Passenger Lists for RMS Queen Mary


Julia Peepsie

We have an old reel of film which we think is the maiden voyage of the QM. May 27th Southampton-New York and it was taken by G T S Stevens, I'm not sure who this is but the closest I've got to the name is an English Cricketer (Greville) or a fellow by the name of George Stevens.

I've searched and searched the net for a passenger list to see if either of them were onboard (or anyone with that name) and have not been able to find anything.

Can anyone point me in the direction to find such a passenger list?

Kyle Johnstone

Hi Julia,

Yes, there was a Mr. Greville Stevens on board Queen Mary for the maiden voyage. I have a copy of the passenger list for first class for the maiden voyage, and Greville Stevens is listed.
BTW, I would LOVE to see this film! Have you thought of having it transfered to video? Is this film something that was available commerically, or is yours the film that was actually taken by Mr. Stevens?

Julia Peepsie

We haven't had chance to view it with it being on 16mm film and it appears to have been taken by G T S Stevens on the first voyage to New York.

As far as I am aware it was not made commercially and without viewing it I cannot be certain if it is the only copy.

I'm not sure of the costs either of having it made onto video as I wasn't aware I could do this. I will enquire and let you know.
Jul 12, 2003
Kyle...I am very interested in seeing a passenger list for the QM's maiden voyage. Is it on line somewhere or may I see if from you somehow.

I, too, would love to see this film. Have you contacted the QM Society?


My father sailed to the states on the QM in 1956. Would love to find a passenger list.
Nov 3, 2016
I am looking for passenger lists from 1961 for passenger Christine Mary Granger. I am unsure of the month she traveled but possibly March, April or May. I have checked Ancestry and they don't see to have 1961 records. Any idea where else I can search?

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