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Very well spotted, Mon. These are high-res scanned images of what appear to be the Board of Trade passenger lists, hand-written in 1912. To get to them you need to register with a commercial genealogy website, but there's no charge for that or for viewing or downloading the page scans (27 for Soton, 7 for Queenstown). Be warned - the image files are very large and will take a long time to download if you don't have broadband.

Paul Rogers

Very well spotted, indeed, Mon.

One question that immediately sprung to (what I laughingly call) my mind: why no passenger list for Cherbourg? The answer is probably incredibly obvious and/or I am being dense! Any idea, anyone?

Paul Rogers

Ah! I really should RTFA before posting.

As Mon's Times article so succinctly pointed out: "The record of passengers who boarded at Cherbourg has not survived."

Paul Rogers

Fair 'nuff, Bob. Surely, though, some form of list would have been compiled relating to those that boarded at Cherbourg; even if it wasn't within the BoT's bailiwick to draw up such a list? If so, I wonder what happened to that document.

I'll freely admit I haven't got a Scooby about this stuff!
The document with details for all the passengers is the Contract Ticket List (basically White Star's ledger), which survives because copies were made for the Inquiries following the disaster. Unfortunately nobody is offering that one as an online freebie! Maybe in 2012. :)
From the article:

Elizabeth Gladys Dean, known as Millvina, then aged 10 weeks, was the ship’s youngest passenger and, now aged 95, is the last surviving passenger.
Methinks that Barbara West might want to have a word with the guy who wrote that, and he won't need a Oujia Board to have the conversation.
Hello Julie,

It is my understanding that those pages are documents BT 27/780B and BT 27/776 which are the Southampton and Queenstown Boarding Lists. - They contain errors. - In the case of the Southampton List, it includes the names of people who had booked but did not board and omits some names. - For some of the problems see here:

You can get copies of the documents [which include Crew Lists - Signing on-sheets, Lost, Saved] held at the National Archives at Kew on a CD:
Document BT 334/52 is not included [but I understand it contains much the same information as BT 100/260 and MT 9/920/201 [or 9C] which are Lists of the deceased passengers, with details such as age occupation, etc] and the Contract Ticket List is held at the National Archives in New York.
For the Crew signing on pages on the opening page of this web-site under Crew go to: Southampton, Crew: Agreement and Account of Crew (PRO Ref: BT100/259). Not quite the same as having the original but as far as I am aware an accurate transcription.

Hope that helps,

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Even though it throws me out every time I try to access it, there are free lists of the Titanic passenger lists at, in conjunction with the National Archives at Kew. They are inages of the actual written entries in the original records. They are free for one week only and should you be able to access them without being chucked off the website, then please let me know what I'm missing.



Paul Rogers

Boz: I've got them. You need the DjVu plugin (also available from the same site) to view the documents so, if you're only getting a blank screen, click on the link above. It says: "If you do not see an image below please click here."

As Bob mentioned in another thread, the images are very large. Rather than repeat his words, the thread can be found here.

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