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Jennifer Byard

Hello everyone! I belong to another titanic forum, and a few people there have taken the liberty of researching some passenger family trees. I was wondering 2 things. One: has anyone done that here? Two: If anyone has, could they please assist me in finding out if any of my relatives sailed on the Titanic? I am very busy in planning a wedding and starting a new job that I simply don't have enough time and energy to do this myself. I don't want mean to ask for anyone to go out of their way to find this information for me, but if anyone has already done so, maybe you could help me.
Jul 12, 2003
First...check the passenger list for any names you are curious about. I think there is a topic for Titanic passengers on main Titanic home page. Do you have some idea who you are looking for? If you are searching for an unwed female passenger who survived, you will need a maiden name (assuming she married when she got to America).

I haven't searched for any ancestors of mine who may have sailed on the Titanic (I doubt if I have any)...but I have done genealogy.

If you don't know what ship your ancestors came over on, you may want to try Ellis Island also. Ellis Island was still used as a port of entry in 1912.

Mick Molloy

Nov 29, 2002
Does anyone know if there is there any way on this site to find out the cabins/births of particular 3rd class passengers?


Brad Nelson

May 3, 2005
Does anybody know if there is a list of passengers who got refunds? My great aunt & uncle had tickets to go but got sick. Their last name was Berg. They would have been first or second class.
Jul 20, 2000
No such lists are known.

With the odd exception the Contract Ticket List only contains the ticket numbers and names of those who sailed.

The names of a few who failed to board remain on the Southampton and Queenstown Passenger/Ticket Lists; generally with a line ruled through their name. The name Berg in not amongst them.

sarah doolan

I am researching my family tree and my grandfather was to marry an irish girl who was on titanic...she was to meet him in New York but died in the disaster. His name was William Stapleton born in Ireland (he went ahead of her) her name is not known but she would have been in her twenties. Is there anyone out there who may know who she was??

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
Sarah, see if you can get hold of a copy of Senan Molony's The Irish Aboard Titanic. Drawing on old Irish sources, Senan has uncovered many obscure tales. Minor papers often picked up romantic stories about local people.

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Feb 6, 2017
Name: Mr Bertram James Gosling
Titanic Victim
Born:1890 Born in Southampton Hampshire England
Age: 22 years (Male)
Last Residence: at 11 Lower York Street Southampton Hampshire England
Occupation: Trimmer
Last Ship: Olympic
Engineering Crew
First Embarked: Southampton on Saturday 6th April 1912
Died in the Titanic disaster (15th April 1912).
Body Not Recovered Titanic sailed 30 miles from where i was born Strange to me My Name is Bernard James Gosling And my Family and Myself come from Portadown Northern Ireland and is called England..
Feb 1, 2018
So I happened to be strolling on the internet and wanted to know some truth about the movie about Titanic. I googled Rose Calvert, Rose Dawson, & rose from the Titanic but can' seem to find her. I also looked through our inventory of passengers on the website but none of the names I tried to find her worked even on

Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
They are not real characters, instead they are composites or amalgamation of several passengers and accounts from the voyage and sinking along with them fitted into the ship by having them occupy cabins that were empty or cancelled at the last minute.

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