Passengers and Crew Thread Reorganisation

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Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
Related to Monica's post about the re-organisation of threads in General Titanica, as some of you may have noticed a similar process is under way in the Crew Research and Passenger Research forums.

For those passengers who have generated more than a couple of threads, subfolders have been set up in according to individual, couple or family group. Those for whom there are only one or two threads have been allocated to sub-folders by class. As they gather more threads, they may be moved to their own sub-folder. Other categories include general questions about all passengers, general questions by class, and a subfolder for queries based on geographic location, ethnicity or religion.

Organisation for the crew follows similar lines - individuals with multiple threads have been allocated their own subfolder, otherwise they are divided by occupation (not broadly by department - rather than 'Deck', for example, we have 'Quartermasters', 'Able Seamen' etc). Again, there are also general categories for questions about all crew, geographic based queries, etc.

Please contact Jason, Christine or myself if you have suggestions for other sub-folders or comments on the allocation of particular threads. If unsure about where a thread belongs, just post it under the main sub-folder - we will move it as appropriate.
Jun 4, 2000
It's marvellous being able find such a wealth of discussion without wading through the hit'n'miss search process. It's looking excellent, and I've already found things that I hadn't realised had some discussion to them.
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