Passengers/crew with Welsh Connections

Hello all,

I am researching into the Welsh connections onboard Titanic. Any info would be useful but in partiucular I saw this in an article of the Western Mail, 16 April 1912-
It was stated in London on Monday that the following first-class passengers were believed to be associated with Wales:
Miss Caroline Bennell
Miss Lily Bonnell
Miss Bowen
Mrs J.J. Brown
Mrs J.M. Brown
Miss Gladys Cherry
Miss E Evans
Miss L Gibson
Mrs C.C. Jones
Mr. Duave Williams
Mr R.M. Williams jun.
Mr Fletcher Fellowes Lambert Williams
Mr and Mrs Morgan and maid
Mrs Edward S. Roberts and maid

I know Miss Gladys Cherry was related to Lady Rothes but what intrigued me was to find mention of Mrs JJ Brown, what was her connection to Wales. As I've noted, any info on the above names would be useful