Passengers in South America

Hey everyone!, I'm Jonathan from Chile, and I'm so fascinated with the Titanic and all its story. Well I've been reading almost all the biographies on ET and too little I've founded about, for instance, the trips of first class passengers to South America if they travelled here at some point of their lives. I know that Mr Daly, from 1st class lived and has family in Perú, I also read that Mrs. Ryerson or Thayer died on holidays in Uruguay, there were second class passengers like Mr Andrew, and 1st class men, Mr Artagaveytia, Mr Carrau and his nephew, were from Uruguay as well. I also read Peggy Guggenheim's bio, and it says in northern Chile, her uncles (maybe even her dad) had some business in mines. Do you know about some passengers visiting, living or dying in South American Countries? Here in Chile Guggenheim and Astor are surnames commonly heard on hotels, theaters, and mining offices in the desert.Even in Santiago we've got a street named Thomas Andrews Jr. Coincidence?

Regards to everyone!!!

Jason D. Tiller

Hello Jonathan,

There is nothing wrong with your post. If one of the members has the information, then they will post it. I'm not aware of any information, regarding your questions. There are a lot of friendly and helpful people on here, but please keep in mind that it may take some time for your post to receive a reply, as not everyone reads the message board everyday.

Having said that, some questions will go unanswered, due to the fact that the information is simply unknown.