Passengers Social Event - The Grand National Horse Race



I noticed a number of passengers sailed to England aboard the Olympic just in time to see the famous Grand National Horse Race at Aintree and then they sailed back to America aboard the Titanic. The race begins tomorrow, but back in 1912 the famous race was held on March 29th 1912. It was I understand a major social event in upper class circles. Mr. Ismay's brother owned race horses and his horse came in second. Does anyone know how many passengers would have attended the Grand National?

Here is a marvellous scene from 'My Fair Lady' - Set in 1912 during the Ascot opening race which took a few months later. Watch out for Lady Duff Gordon. :)


Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
I suspect few Titanic passengers went to Ascot. The British passengers were mostly not from the upper classes. There were only three minor titled aristocrats on board and no exceptionally wealthy people. The British upper crust preferred Cunard, which was British and safer. Maybe Bruce Ismay went with his brother, but I doubt it.

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