Patrick Fox


Richard Coplen

Hey there! My name's Richard and I'm 19. Ever since I watched the film "A Night to Remember" at the age of 9, I have been completely obsessed with the Titanic story. I know quite alot about the main characters, except those who interest me most. One in particular would have to be Mr. Patrick Fox, who came from my home-town - Mullingar, Co. Westmeath in Ireland. I've done my utmost to research him, but just found out the basic facts. I'd love to know more about his early life - school; work...If anyone out there can help me I'd greatly appreciate it!!!
Mar 10, 1998
Richard, have you seen the biography on him in Senan Molony's "The Irish Aboard Titanic?" There is also a good photo of him. The second printing of the book has just been released in Ireland.


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