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Don Tweed

This may be a little off kilter but here goes!
Are there any simple, everyday things that you do in life that always take you back to Titanic?
The bell rings and you begin to salivate.
I am asking this for one reason.
In my house, my wife and two daughters do not know how to fill an ice cube tray!!
When I open the freezer to get some ice the trays always have one or two cubes left in them!
So it is my task to refill them, and as I hold the tray under the faucet, I always hold them at about a 45 degree angle and let the water overflow from one compartment to the next.
As I watch the tray fill I always think about Titanic and her compartments, overflowing from one to the next!
So I was just wondering if any of you have the same experiance with something you do repetitively.
Or am I a freak?


Jason D. Tiller

Staff member
Hi Don,

I do exactly the same thing as you with the ice cube tray. Titanic always comes to mind whenever mine needs filling.

So don't worry, you're not a freak. I thought I was one!

Best regards,


Trent Pheifer

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Hey Don,
I don't know if this counts but, everytime I look at a clock and it says it's 11:40, I think ooopp....the Titanic just hit the iceberg. I cannot stop myself from thinking it, and I have said it out loud before and got some strange looks lol.


John Meeks

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How strange that the "ice tray thing" comes into play for many of us...I've experienced it too...!

I've also found, when I've been in confined spaces with lottsa noise (like some construction sites I've been on)...I can imagine the engine room.


John M

Daniel Ehlers

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Trent- me too! And sometimes I hear that creepy music from the Cameron movie... Sometimes I creep myself out... lol...

And what a time to talk about it; it's 11:36pm here on the west coast...

As for the ice cube thing, I have an ice maker, so I guess I'm lucky
The warehouse at work has an internal steel cage wall with doors at various points and they're ALWAYS locked so you have to walk all the way round. Sometimes I can imagine water bursting through the wall and me being trapped because the bloody doors are locked, just like third class. A stupid thing to think about when you're supposed to be checking on the availability of electric motors.

I make constant references to "nice to see you took the last lifeboat, you b****** ", usually to do with someone jumping in my place or getting there before I did. Like last night when Richie got a lift back to Dudley for free and the rest of us had to get a taxi.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I love that line!

"nice to see you took the last lifeboat, you b****** "

I'll have to remember that one!

I had a really humorous instance that was only part my doing. Dressed in a WSL service jacket (8-button variety, one rank stripe, along with a Greek Fisherman's Cap)
I was driving the U-Haul truck while helping my best friend move. As I pulled out of the storage closet area (a "gated" one) I endeavored to follow my friend's car, not realizing that the swing-arm gate bar was "timed". It descended as I pulled out. Joel, in the passenger seat (He's a very twisted fellow) yelled out "Crossing gate right ahead!" (Cameron's movie was still in the theaters then) I attempted to brake and swing out of the way, alas, to no avail... The crossing gate bar descended, and snagged on the overhang of the U-Haul truck trailer. Not stopping quick enough, the truck's forward momentum snapped the bar off right at its pivot. The truck lurched to a halt, spitting the broken gate onto the pavement.
Joel: "Shall I have the men swing out the boats, Sir?"
Me: "Shut up Joel. Just shut up."

Running various sizes of passenger small passenger vessels tends to make you Not dwell upon least during working hours. However, while in the early stages of what became "Last Log" I began doing birdwatching tours that required deliberately running up on a riverbank so that passengers could visit a heronry (blue heron nesting grounds). One morning I was fresh from reading testimony about Titanic's iceberg encounter. As the metallic hulls (it was a pontoon boat) slid onto the mud with embedded stones it sounded like rolling marbles on anchor chain running out...hummmmmmm....

That was the moment I realized that Titanic did not sideswipethe berg as depicted in the movies. It ran over something under water. The motion and the sounds described by survivors were not those of a sideswipe, but of a grounding. Eureka!

--David G. Brown

Erik Wood

I have a nasty habit of wearing a replica of Captain Smith's hat on occasion. Most people don't notice but those who do give me an odd look and ask if we are expecting ice, to which my usual reply is:

"If we do, I will try not run into it".

Paul Rogers

At work, the courses I deliver tend to involve a great deal of Assessment role-plays. (Or as I like to call them: non-threatening skills practise learning environments. Makes the delegates feel sooo much better about having to do them!)

As I have to write numerous case studies for these role-plays, I have taken to using the Titanic passenger lists to name the various "clients". I don't think anyone has caught on as yet...

Don Tweed

Great stories one and all!
Really like that John, "should I have the men swing out the boats, sir."
Another one that always takes me back is a housing development I pass every morning on the way to work, it's name, Mill Pond Estates.

Ben Holme

Like Paul, I've used the passenger lists to my advantage, albeit on only one occasion (so far). I was once involved in a production of "Loot", a satirical comedy by Joe Orton, where I was playing the cantankerous Mr. McLeavy.

In one line I had to refer to an undertaker by the name of Walter Tracey (a character whom you hear of once but never see) but I for some reason the name never stuck in my head. Hence, I was forced to resort to the passenger list and I ended up using a different passenger each night!

I just assumed from the absence of angry jeers from the audience that I was a disrespectful #&!*&, that there were no Titanic buffs in the auditorium...!

Happy new year to all.
The ice cube tray thing must be genetic. My husband and son also have that thought when they fill one. Be afraid, be very afraid....

Pat W.
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