PBS Secrets of the Dead Titanic's Ghosts


Trent Pheifer

Hey Timothy,

It originally aired last Wednesday. I found it very interesting... I had never heard to much about that whole thing. Not so sure about disturbing the dead though!

Jul 12, 2003
I saw the program too...very interesting...more info to add to the "Titanic pot"...I'm sure it will be rerun again...if I see a listing, I will post it...perhaps a question on air times posted to the site Timothy gave us might yield an airing schedule.

Scott Newman

Jun 16, 2004
This show was on again last night. I found it interesting that the 3 unidentified bodies that were exhumed suffered the same fate as those that went down with the ship...the graves flooded leaving very little trace of human remains. The DNA of only one body was recovered, that of the unknown child.

The story of the Mackay-Bennett is described in more detail on this show. It was very interesting to hear this often overlooked part of Titanic history.
Dec 29, 2006
It's a good documentary with amazing recreations and photos that I never seen before. But the final conclusions is a big mistake!

This television series initially identified the body as Eino Viljami Panula, a 13-month old Finnish baby, based on dental records; however, Canadian researchers at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay discovered a test on the child's HVS1, a type of mitochondrial DNA molecule, did not match the Panula family. DNA extracted from the exhumed remains and DNA provided by a surviving maternal relative helped positively match the remains to Sidney Leslie Goodwin, and the re-identification was announced on 30 July 2007.

The child is a symbol of all the children lost in the disaster. He is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.