Penguins sink the Titanic Daftest depiction of the disaster ever

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Taner Tanriover

About a year ago I saw an animated short film on Australian television. It was called "The Truth about Titanic" or something along those lines.
It featured computer animated penguins inhabiting the iceberg as main characters. From what I can remember the animation was quite laboured and almost on par with Disney films like Toy Story etc. Also it was black & white in its entirety which improved its look in more senses than one.
In the film, the ship remains unscathed after contact with ice but this upsets the penguins. Consequently a Rambo-like body-builder penguin goes after the ship in a small motor-boat and cuts a gash in the hull with a chainsaw. Then returns to the iceberg to celebrate his "victory" with his girlfriend and other penguins. The climactic scene of the film has the penguins' jubilation and cheers on the iceberg juxtaposed with the sight of the stern section taking the final plunge in the background.
Has anybody else seen this film and/or know where a copy can be obtained? If I am not mistaken it was a French (or perhaps French-Canadian or Swiss) production; and judging from the technology used in its production can't have been more than several years old.
Has anyone else seen such light-hearted approaches at the disaster? Do you think it is disrespectful to experiment with such ideas? Thanking you in advance for any information, comments or opinions.
Ugh. Distasteful. Tacky.

I'm glad I didn't see this...I would have thrown something.

As for "light-hearted approaches" depicting the disaster, the only two I can think of offhand are also related to Star Wars. The first one is a fanfilm (called "Tie-tanic") made not too long after "Titanic" came out. I didn't think it was disrespectful, because it was made by Star Wars fans, and was taking aim at the movie, not the disaster.

The second bit was the "Congratulations" picture George Lucas sent to Cameron, the one with the Star Wars characters on and around the sinking stern. For some reason, I don't find that amusing at all...disturbing, actually.
Hello Tanner. I too have seen the video you mention but have to agree with Kritina on the Distasteful part. If you (or anyone else for that matter) REALLY wants to see it, you should be able to find it at "". You may have to look a bit to find it but it should be on there. Some friends of mine here at work came across it and that's how I saw it. Being that they all know how interested I am in Titanic, they thought it would be good fun to boot it up and have me watch it. I never cracked a smile and when it finished I looked at them and said, "Glad ya'll can laugh at the death's of 1,500 people." Needless to say, no one here has looked it up in a bit. Have a nice day.
I saw it, but I dind't take it seriously! I think that it was meant to be humorous, I laughed, I can't believe you didn't, Ryan! I know if you think about it really hard and what it COULD'VE meant than yeah, it was pretty bad. But when I saw, I thought that it looked perfectly suitable for anyone! I bet if Ms. Dean saw it, she laugh as well!

- Smith
Actually I'd like to see the thing; it isn't on Stupid Videos that I could find it. Or is this on a par with the daVinci Code? I'm not laughing at the deaths of people when I smile, just at the thought of these plucky little birds having their say (but then I do have a dark sense of humor!) As far as death goes, what about Titey the Disneyfied ship, who gets saved and repaired by some fast-thinking sealife?
Actually this is one of very few Titanic "jokes" I actually found some humor in.

What the OP forgot to mention was the skit starts off with two penguins playing a pinball game on the iceberg. Then out of the distance comes Titanic. One penguin manages to dive out of the way before impact while the other penguin isn't so fortunate. After this, a very angry penguin descends into this James Bond-ish lair where many other penguins are and sounds an alarm. The angry penguin then gets into a dive-bomber and flies over Titanic, then skydives from the plane in to the ocean. It's then that the penguin reveals a chainsaw, jackhammer or some other tool and proceeds to cut the hull open.

Bad taste? I'd personally say yeah, but if there were ever a funny Titanic parody, this one would be my choice. Then again there's always Titanic with Monkeys.
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