Percentage of survivors who claimed the Titanic broke apart

Kyle Naber

Oct 5, 2016
It’s just easier to believe someone of higher credibility or authority. Lightoller was in a bad position to see the break clearly and see the stern settle back as he was almost looking directly aft.

Dave Gittins

Mar 16, 2000
The trouble with the testimony on the breakup was that those who thought the ship broke placed the break all over the place. There was no agreement, which is hardly surprising, given the darkness. As well as preferring evidence from officers, Lord Mersey had the testimony of Edward Wilding, who said that calculations showed the hull would not have broken. In those days, I don't think you could find a case where a ship broke in the open sea. It was well known that ships sometimes broke when stranded on a reef or shoal. Since 1912 there have been quite a number of breakups on the open sea. In 1912, it just seemed unlikely.
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