Percentage of Titanic in game

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Stephen Maize

May 4, 2006
I would like to know the percentage of the Titanic that you can visit in the game as opposed to the real Titanic?

Titanic adventure out of time

Original GTE version


1.Grand Staircase 1 place
2.Bridge 2 places
3.Wireless Room 3 places
4.Crews Nest 4 places
5.Whole deck 5 places
6.Gymnasium 6 places
7.Second Class Stairs 7 places

Deck A

1.Grand Staircase
2.Hall on A deck 8 places
3.First class reception hall
4.First class reception 9 places
5.Aft Grand Staircase 10 places
6.Smoking Room 11 places
7.Second Class Stairs
8.A deck pormenade 12 places
9.Elevator 13 places

Deck B

1.Grand Staircase
2.Hall on B deck 14 places
3.Cafe Parisian 15 places
4.Alt Grand Staircase
5.Second Class Stairs
6.Poop Deck 16 places
7.Forcastle Deck 17 places
8.Cargo Hold 18 places

Deck C

1.Grand Staircase
2.Hall on C deck 19 places
3.The Purser 20 places
4.Alt Grand Staircase
5.Second Class Stairs

Deck D

1.Grand Staircase
2.D class reception 21 places
3.Hall on D deck 22 places
4.Second Class Stairs

Deck E

1.Reception Stairs 23 places
2.Scotland Road 24 places
3.Second Class Stairs
4.Stairs to F Deck 40
5.Sqash Court Hall 41
6.Sqash Court 42

Deck F

1.Turkish Bath 43
2.Second Class Stairs 44
3.Hall on F Deck 45

Deck G

1.Turbine Room 46
2.Boilers 47
3.Smokestacks 48

48 Places you can go within Titanic

NOTE: This list does not include the staterooms.

James Camerons Titanic Explorer

1.Veranda and Palm Court (A deck Pormenade)
2.First Dining Saloon (D deck)
3.B Deck Corridor (B deck)
4.Master At Arms (E deck)

Daniel's Titanic Demo

1.Swimming Pool
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