Percy Cornelius Taylor


Loretta Thomas

Hi all, does anyone know anything more about Mr Taylor than is found in the biography on ET? I've found the reference to his estate, probate granting his effects to his widow, Clara Alice Taylor. She was born Clara Alice Talbot in 1873 and married three times, her second husband being Percy (married 1906). I've seen the banns for Percy and Clara, read 6, 13 and 20 May 1906. In 1911 she was living with her family, recorded as Clara Talbot but also as married for four years; her occupation was actress. No sign of Percy. I can't find him in the 1911 census using the age he was supposed to be (born c1880). There was a Percy Cornelius Taylor born 1882 in Surrey but I think he may have died in 1883; not found in censuses. The next nearest was born 1872, registered Hackney, but I can't find him anywhere either, at least none with an occupation that fits Percy of the Titanic, and that's searching without the middle name and variations on both given and surname. Maybe someone out there is descended or related?