Permission to come aboard.....


Hello! My name is Rick, and I have recently discovered this site. I find it very informative, and am in total awe of the vast knowledge expressed by the membership. I became interested in Titanic decades ago - probably from first seeing a "Night to Remember" on late night old movie television. My interest would come and go whenever something would remind me of the ship, and in the past month or so have begun to research Titanic and her sister ships. This site and it's members are amazing and only urges one to learn even more. (Should I be relieved from my place of employment for falling asleep on the job due to yet another all-nighter reading Encyclopedia Titanica, it may become necessary to hold said site responsible.......!)

I have become a member of this wonderful site - not that I will have much to add, but I do have a million questions. I hope to be able to search for the answer first, but if I should screw-up and ask the membership for help....I hope you'll understand if I ask it in the wrong forum - or start a repetitive thread, I expect and welcome that thread to be dealt with as the administrators see fit.

I just purchased (waiting anxiously for it's arrival) the 1/350 scale model. I will keep you posted on it's progress once I begin the construction. Don't get too anxious for those reports - I plan on spending three to four hours on the painting and assembly of the ship. (I want it to look as good and authentic as it can!)

I am looking forward to interacting with the membership. I have learned so much already.

Thank you,

Welcome Rick, I too am guilty of doing an all nighter and reading this message board when I have to get up to work in only 3 to 4 hours! The vast amount of information and discussion is truly fascinating, isn't it?