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Im not sure if this exhists tucked away somewhere on this site, but Phil, what would you say to a comprehensive Titanic bibliography included within the Encyclopedia Titanica? In addition to the relevant information given about each Titanic book, images of the covers, and the varieties thereof can accompany the details of each book, Such would be of tremendous value to the Titanic book collector, and provide them not only with the general information about the books that Titanic collections are seeking, but of the variety of printings,covers,etc...

*For example- the 1911 Olympic/Titanic Shipbuilders book seemed to have 3 editions. There was a very rare softbound version, the more common hardcover with the oval inset image of the ship on the cover, with foldouts; plus a hardcover with no foldouts at all..

Lawrence Beesley's "Loss Of The SS Titanic" appeared in 1912 in a red colored British edition, plus a blue(or black) American edition. Plus there was the 1929 Nautilus Library edition.

*For Archibald Gracie's 1913 epic "Truth About The Titanic", there was a maroon and a rareer green colored edition. The green covered edition had a photo of a post sinking Gracie the maroon copy lacked.

*Titanic Tragedy- God Spreaking to the Nations by Alma White, 1912, was an intersting book not just because of its fire and brimstone theme, but because the book came in a variety of colors. The book always came with an embossed gold image of the ship at sea on the cover, but the book came in the colors of green,maroon,brown,black,white and a few others.

*For Morgan Robertson's "Futility or Wreck of the Titanic, there have been a variety of editions. Im not sure if the original 1898 publication was in bound form, or done in serial form. Ive seen variations of the 1912 reprint- the somewhat common red 'autograph' edition, a blue 1912 edition, plus a yellow covered version of this title.Photos of each edition would be very useful to collectors.

These are examples of variations and differences found within many Titanic books, and photographic examples alongside an extensive bibliography would be of tremendous value to book collectors. Phil. Id be happy to provide you with scans of some of my rare Titanic books, and am sure scores of other members would too.In fact, I call upon all Titanic buffs out there to share scans of your Titanic books with Phil, Among the goodies in my collection, I have the Lightoller and Rostron books with their original just jackets, and know images of such and other books would be a great Titanic reference tool. Would my fellow Titanic book collectors like to see a bibliography of Titanic books, accompanied by images of the covers of the books? If such already exhists on this site, pardon my ignorance..

Tarn Stephanos

lifelong Titanic book collector
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