Philadelphia Gilded Age Researchers

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Is anyone on the board doing (or has done) serious research on Philadelphia society, culture, and the city from the late 1900s to World War I?

If so, I would be interested in information shares. I have particular interest in the years 1911 - 1914.

Helen Marie More

Hi Pam,

I was born, raised and educated in Northeast Philadelphia .. and most lovingly cared for by my maternal grandmother .. a Grand Dame .. also born in Philadelphia (during the Gilded Age) in 1886. As a young lass during WWII .. my recollections of that era are quite vivid .. and you might want to take a look-see at my "Trip down Memory Lane" web site as follows:

I would so enjoy chatting with you. Do you have a web site? Take care and God bless.

Have a Grand Day .. Helen More
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