Photo of Baltic's captain

Capt of the Baltic 1907

That's a great picture, Joseph, but I question whether it's the captain of White Star's Baltic. The uniform certainly doesn't look like White Star's, and the face doesn't look like J. B. Ranson, who succeeded E. J. Smith as Baltic's commander in 1907. For two pictures of Ranson, look at .
That's Captain William Marshall in 1907 the writing is just stating he Captained the ship in 1907

Mark Baber

Joseph, according to Captain-to-be Marshall's White Star Officer Book, he was Baltic's first officer, not captain, in 1907. He received his first command, on Cevic, in 1911, and he never commanded Baltic.

Baltic's captains in 1907 were E. J. Smith and Ranson.
Thanks I tried to find info through the web but to no avail and just went by the photo album info. That explains the pictures on the Baltic and letters I have dated 1905. I can put some more on if you'd like to see them.
Hi Joseph ! William Marshall's story looks very interesting and I'm trying to find every info I can on the subject to write an article about him. I'm wondering if you still have the picture you shared and if you accept that I use it on the article ?