Photo of Lord with children on Carpathia

Richard Paola

Nov 17, 2001
i found a photo in an article about the Californian which shows 4 officers posing with 2 young sitting on each lap of Lord and Stewart. I thought it an interesting foreshadow that the young girls are holding binoculars..probably the very ones used that night...has anyone seen this photo, and/or identified the children ? thanks

Tracy Smith

Nov 5, 2000
South Carolina USA
I've seen the photo many times. These children were passengers and this photo was taken on the voyage immediately preceding the one we are most familiar with. I don't know their names, but I'm just as curious as you are.

However, I do have a funny story that goes with the little girl on Captain Lord's lap. It seems that during the voyage the little girl became constipated and her mother went to Captain Lord, wanting to know what he was going to do about it. Because the ship had no doctor, the captain was expected to handle such matters. Captain Lord visited the little girl in her cabin, carrying a bottle of the common remedy of the time: "black draft". The little girl refused to drink any of it unless Captain Lord drank some, too. Lord did, and the little girl followed suit.

Leah E. Astor

Does anyone know where to find that picture? I'd be interested in seeing it, and yet I havn't so far. Thanx!
-Leah Astor
Jan 31, 2001

That story gave me a good laugh, which is something I needed today! This forum is basically uncharted territory to me, but I found that very funny. I would love to have seen the expression on Lord's face as a good mouthful of that Black Draft slid down his throat!

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