Photo of Madeleine Mellinger and Robertha Watt


Holly Peterson

As you probably know, my obsessive hobby in life is finding pictures of the children on the Titanic. Most people would probably say 'get a life' but I can't; I love the Titanic so much and I want pictures of Misses Mellinger and Watt so badly that I can't even sleep at night for want of them. I'm almost at my wits end and I feel I'll never complain again if only I could see a picture of one or both of these girls. You probably think I'm crazy but I'm not; I'm just super-insanely obsessed with the Titanic. If anyone has even a sliver of an idea of where to find a photo of one of these children around their age on the Titanic, I would be eternally grateful (and maybe not so tired every morning!)

Cindy Thomas

Jan 1, 2011
Holly, Are you Madeleine (Mellinger) Mann's granddaughter. Madeleine was the next door neighbor to my grandparents in Scarborough, Ont.

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