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Jason D. Tiller

Shelley, your site is really coming along. Great photos!!

Best regards,


Christine Geyer

Shelley, as long as your sleeplessness turns out to be so advantageously for us all... Have a few more cups of coffee

Your site is getting greater every time I have a look. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us !

Many regards
Some things I hope you will like- feel free to right click your mouse -they will store as jpegs. Give 40 seconds to load- am trying to make it worth the wait!

I'll just call you the picture Queen from now on. I want to thank you too, for all of your hard work and effort in getting these great pictures up on the net for all to see.

Glad you liked it- I thought maybe y'all had had enough- I have BOXES of photos-cannot seem to get the image format working and this page building was the only way I could think of to show stuff- AND I love finding just the right music and animations too. It does take awhile but I can send lots at once and YOU can save any of the pix -they are all jpegs and gifs.So- am off to scan scan scan. See what just a particle of encouragement does! The Captain goes to bed with the chickens and I am a night owl...

Bravo, kudos and complete and total congratulations on a job well done....your website does look indeed impressive and I have only scratched the surface thus far....

Hope to give you a more detailed opinion tommorow.


I love the Sweet linen afternoon suit, the Titanic Boarding hat and the 2217 Josephine the best! Those are my style clothing for sure! I could wear them to the Queen Mary luncheons, huh?

Will this woman never STOP!! Not till all of you have ALL my photos- click and save! Let's go to the 1995 Greenwich Exhibition- what a DAY to remember!

You're incredible! Your never cease to amaze me!

When next I visit "Dovecoat In the Woods", you must show me how you do this webpage thing. We accountants do not have the flare for this type of creativity - nor the time! So, I'll bring all my pictures with me in a suitcase! Whatever happened to that picture of you cutting Marshall's Titanic birthday cake with a sword? Marshall looked like he was ready to fall off the chair with laughter!

So, many thanks again and again for bringing back so many great memories of years ago.

Mike- better plan on staying a week- Phil will have to get more memory for the Board. I can throw a quick page together in 15 minutes now-but like to tinker with music and graphics, animations and text- so most take an hour or more. It's my therapy after the crusty Captain goes to bed early. I have sent many of my best photos to TI archives in Florida, but maybe I can get them back for awhile! How about the Gilded Age Tour of Newport in October?
I echo the sentiments of these other fine folk: your site is amazing and much appreciated. I've loved the humor and creativity of each page and of course I adore soaking up all the info. Thank you for being so obsessed; we can all relate!

And on another note, you're going to "the house" this weekend, right? Say hello to Lizzie, Emma and the rest of the ghosts for me. I will get there some day!!!!

Have a great weekend.
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