Gavin Bell

Dec 12, 1999
Would anybody out there have a recent photograph of Winifred Quick Van Tongerloo?????

My father, who has met eleven survivors, did have a photograph of her but that photograph, along with the others of Titanic survivors, went 'missing', along with all negatives, about two years ago.

I do have recent photographs of several of the living survivors, such as Michel Navratil, Millvina Dean and Barbara West Dainton, but could anybody send me a photograph of Mrs Van Tongerloo?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cameron Bell

George Behe

Dec 11, 1999
A photo of Mrs. Van T. appears in my Commutator article about the Quick family. I don't have the issue at hand at the moment, but if you'd care to contact me privately I can give you that information.

All my best,

George Behe


I would like to know if your father ever spoke to either Catherine Bonnell or Elizabeth Bonnell. They were on the boat and survied the sinking. I am doing family reseach on the Bonnell(Bunnell) name and would like more on them.
contact me at
[email protected]
Thanks for any help.

Tangie Bemis
Sep 20, 2000
For those who haven't already seen it (I just recently discovered it myself), the Library of Congress web site has a *very* nice digital collection of news archive material -- The George Bain Collection ( http://lcweb2.loc.go v/pp/ggbainquery.htm l ) -- that features several excellent reproductions of Titanic-related photos: the Carpathia; Captain Rostron (and wife), and his crew; Titanic survivors, including Margaret Tobin Brown, Stuart Collett, and the Navratil boys; a superb portrait of then-Captain (1909) Archibald Butt; the Titanic and Olympic; and many more. There is also a photo-reproduction of a handwritten account of the rescue by Rostron himself, though it appears to be missing later page(s). These graphics are available in either JPG or UN-compressed TIF format, if desired, and can also be ordered as prints.

One tragic photo, unfortunately labelled "Titanic Survivors -- a Family Group" is none other than little Frankie Goldsmith and his family, taken well before the disaster. Dad, of course, did *not* survive; and the other child in the photo, I believe, is the one who had already died before the voyage.

Phil Hind: Almost all of these that I encountered were marked as copyright unrestricted [no doubt expired, since Bains' own copyright is marked on several]. So you might even want to consider versions of some of these for ET. (I'm not entirely sure how this works for you, but it's a thought.)


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