Gavin Bell

Dec 12, 1999
Would anybody out there have a recent photograph of Winifred Quick Van Tongerloo?????

My father, who has met eleven survivors, did have a photograph of her but that photograph, along with the others of Titanic survivors, went 'missing', along with all negatives, about two years ago.

I do have recent photographs of several of the living survivors, such as Michel Navratil, Millvina Dean and Barbara West Dainton, but could anybody send me a photograph of Mrs Van Tongerloo?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cameron Bell

George Behe

Dec 11, 1999
A photo of Mrs. Van T. appears in my Commutator article about the Quick family. I don't have the issue at hand at the moment, but if you'd care to contact me privately I can give you that information.

All my best,

George Behe


I would like to know if your father ever spoke to either Catherine Bonnell or Elizabeth Bonnell. They were on the boat and survied the sinking. I am doing family reseach on the Bonnell(Bunnell) name and would like more on them.
contact me at
Thanks for any help.

Tangie Bemis

John M. Feeney

Senior Member
Sep 20, 2000
For those who haven't already seen it (I just recently discovered it myself), the Library of Congress web site has a *very* nice digital collection of news archive material -- The George Bain Collection ( http://lcweb2.loc.go v/pp/ggbainquery.htm l ) -- that features several excellent reproductions of Titanic-related photos: the Carpathia; Captain Rostron (and wife), and his crew; Titanic survivors, including Margaret Tobin Brown, Stuart Collett, and the Navratil boys; a superb portrait of then-Captain (1909) Archibald Butt; the Titanic and Olympic; and many more. There is also a photo-reproduction of a handwritten account of the rescue by Rostron himself, though it appears to be missing later page(s). These graphics are available in either JPG or UN-compressed TIF format, if desired, and can also be ordered as prints.

One tragic photo, unfortunately labelled "Titanic Survivors -- a Family Group" is none other than little Frankie Goldsmith and his family, taken well before the disaster. Dad, of course, did *not* survive; and the other child in the photo, I believe, is the one who had already died before the voyage.

Phil Hind: Almost all of these that I encountered were marked as copyright unrestricted [no doubt expired, since Bains' own copyright is marked on several]. So you might even want to consider versions of some of these for ET. (I'm not entirely sure how this works for you, but it's a thought.)