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Dave Hudson

Apr 25, 2001
What rooms on the Titanic were actually photographed? I only know of 6:
1. The Dining Room on the 11th
2. The Cafe Parisienne
3. The Private Promenade of suites B 52-B 56
4. The Gymnasium
5. The Reading and Writing Room
6. Room A 37
Was the Grand Staircase ever photographed?
Dec 7, 2000
To my knowledge, to add to your list above David, the gymnasium seems to have been photographed several times. By Harland and Wolff. There were two from the Illustrated London News, and I think there was another photograph of the room.

Cabins B57, 58, 59 (twice - or perhaps three times), 60, 63 and 64. Seven pictures of the cabins by H & W, and the third picture of B59, is I'm guessing of B59. It often appears in 1912 press, a picture of the bed.

Also, the B51 - 55 promenade has been photographed. I know of two photos of the B52 - 56 promenade.

Cabin B51 itself has also been photographed.

The Cafe Parisien also seems to be a popular area to have been photographed, as there are several very nice pictures of it.

On F deck, the Cooling room has also been photographed as well as Titanic's swimming pool. Both are authentic Titanic pictures and are the only ones I know of, they're from The Illustrated London News.

I'm not sure of the Reading and Writing room from the O'Donnell book, although according to Browne himself the room is of Titanic, however if you look at the light coming from the windows, it seems like the open promenade of Olympic, rather than Titanic’s, where Titanic's was enclosed.

I'm all out of ideas for actual Titanic interior pictures. There really weren't many.



Dave Hudson

Apr 25, 2001
Dave G,
I mentioned the Dining Rm pic, and Fr. Brown's room (A 37).
I forgot about the Turkish Bath, Pool, and Wireless Room. I didn't know that there were that many cabins photographed. Thanks guys.
Where did you see the B 51-55 Promenade pics? I've seen 1 1/2 pics of the B52-56 Prom. One by H&W, and one by Fr. Brown (double exposed). The R/W Room pics that I mentioned were taken by Fr. Brown but were too blury to include in his album. I also know of two gym photos that were taken en route to Queenstown. One by Fr. Brown of McCawley on the rowing machine, and one of Lawrence Beesley on the stationary bike (did Fr. Brown take that one too?).
Oh, and I remember another one that I left out earlier, the A Deck Promenade pic by Fr. Brown.
Does anyone know if there were any photos of the Lounge or GSC taken?
Thanks For Your Help,

Nigel Bryant

Jan 14, 2001
Wellington, New Zealand

I think these were all the photographs taken of the Titanic:

1) Several Photographs of deluxe saterooms on B-deck.

2) The First-Class Promenade on A-deck. This view is looking from the Smoking Room's bay windows. In the distance you can see the enclosed promenade deck. It is featured in " TITANIC: ILLUSTRATED HISTORY" There is also the photograph of what is meant to Captain Smith walking aft.

3)The First-Class Dining Saloon, though it is very blury and hard to determine anything.

4) The Cafe Parisen on B-deck. There are two photographs taken of this room. One before the ivy was installed and later when it was installed.

5) Francis Brownes stateroom A-36.

6)The Wireless room on the Boat-deck.

7) The Reading and Writing Room on A-deck.

8) The Private Promenade that adjoins B-52-54-56. There are two photographs of this room from different views.

9) The Private Promenade Deck that adjoins B-51-53-55. The link of the photograph of this room is at:

10) The Swimming Pool on F-deck.

11) The Gymnasium. There are three different photogaphs of this room, one was taken at Be;fast before the installation on the Punching Bag and the Weight Machine, the other one is featured in "ILLUSTRATED HISTORY" and the last photograph was taken by Francis Browne.

12) Sitting room B-51 was taken, one of the Millionaire's Suites.

13) The cooling room was photographed.

14)The Bridge was photographed, though this is an exterior shot you can clearly see the telegraphs etc.

There were no photographs ever taken of Titanic's first-class lounge or Grand Staircase which is a shame. I have always wished there was a clear photograph of the Titanic's Smoking Room.

Regards Nigel.

Renee Barnes

Wow..this board hasn't been to active lately!
I would like to know where you all have seen all these pics? Is there some particular books available??


Jan 7, 2002
I believe there are two photos taken within the portside A deck promenade. The well known Brown photo of the man walking aft (often claimed to be Capt. Smith).

Check the uncropped photo in the Brown book, and the beginning of the upward curve of the promanade is visible, on the right. Thats viewable in the pages of the album itself- sadly the full page view of that image is cropped, and the curvature is lost.

I think in the Haas/Eaton Triumph and Tragedy book, there is a glimpse looking forward (port side, A deck). Its very clear the absense of light ahead is a sign of an enclosed promenade...

Heres hoping i visit a flea market someday and find a steamer trunk filled with 500 unpublished Titanic photos, for $100 for the lot....


Tarn Stephanos

Thomas Hugh Clohessy

The possibility of existing (even if lost forever at the wreck site!) photographs taken aboard the Titanic SUBSEQUENT ("after Browne") to the departure from Queenstown has always haunted me. Has anyone heard of photgraphs being taken aboard during the Atlantic voyage? Surely, amongst the the 1st class passengers at least, some sort of camera set up was available...
naivete in action

Thomas Hugh Clohessy

For Greg and those possibly following this thread-I just discovered a previous thread that already covered this topic with extensive, interesting information. Go back to "Collision..." and then "Possible lost photo". Still stirs the imagination!

Richard Paola

Nov 17, 2001
Thomas/Greg..yes, this was covered in prior threads, and is always fascinating to re-visit.. inevitably, there were photos taken among first class during the cruise that are now probably lost..they did find some negative plates i believe but were too deteriorated..even more interesting was the passenger William Harbeck who was a motion picture photographer..he took video pictures during the cruise ! ..i believe he was the same man who filmed the famous aftermath of the 1906 San Fransisco earthquake..

Jared Marvin

Hello, Um I was wondering if they are building a second Titanic, I apparantley read it in a newspaper clipping here in Sydney.... With one exception...... MORE LIFEBOATS ;)
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