Photos of Titanic Children


Holly Peterson

Hello from Alzbeta! I am really interested in collecting pictures of the children and teenagers on the Titanic and I am wondering if anyone has or knows where to find a picture of the following:

Madeline Mellinger
Robertha Watt
Constance and Barbara West
Karen Abelseth
Virginia Emanuel
The Baclini children

Any help would be much appreciated but if you dont know where to find any that's okay too!
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Finding all those may be something of a trick since there is no one single place where they're available. Keep in mind that most of the photos used by researchers in books and articles come by way of family photo collections. Not all of these people are interested in sharing them on line.

Holly Peterson

I would greatly, greatly appreciate it if you could post the picture of Virginia!!!!!

And a belated thank you for the two sites, Kathleen. They were very helpful.

Holly Peterson

I would be extremely grateful for any pictures of Titanic children, Hildur. Do you have any of:

- Madeline Mellinger
- Robertha Watt
- the West children
- the Nicola-Yarred children
- the Touma children
- the Baclini children
- the Peter-Joseph children
- Virginia Emanuel
- Karen Abelseth
- Helen Corr

Please respond if you do! I would be very, very, very grateful to you!
Nov 11, 2005
Well i know off heart (i'm currently not at home) that i have a photo of Elias Nicola-Yarred taken aboard Carpathia, and i have a photo of David Baclini (younger brother of the Baclini girls and born in 1913. I'll check around. I also think, i possibly have one of Karen Abelseth.

Holly Peterson

To see those pictures would be amazing! I would be so grateful to you if you could post those pictures (when you have time, of course, there's no rush.) But thank you very much for your kindness, Hildur!
Nov 11, 2005
These are the children (under 12) who i have photos of:
(some i have several of and some only one)

Andersson Family and parents
Allison Family and parents
Frank Aks and mother
Lillian and Felix Asplund and mother
Ruth and Richard Becker and mother
Alden Caldwell and parents
William and Lucile Carter
Marjorie Collyer and mother
Neville and William Coutts
Gilbert Danbom and parents
Dean Family and mother
Marshall Drew
Washington Dodge and parents
Frank Goldsmith and parents
Goodwin Family and parents
Eva Hart and parents
Annie Harper and parents
Hildur Hirvonen and mother
Eleanor and Harold Johnson
Manca Karun and parents
LaRoche Family and parents
Andre Mallet and mother
Halim and Georges Moubarik
Maria Nackid and mother
Michel and Edmond Navratil and parents
Elias Nicola-Yarred
Pålsson Family and parents
Panula Family and parents
Alfred Peacock
Winifred and Phyllis Quick and Family
Rice Family, and mother
William and Sibley Richards
Sage Family and parents
Marguerite Sandström and mother and sister
Karl and Mabel Skoog and both parents
Robert Spedden and and both parents
Essed Thomas and mother
James and John Van Billiard
Joan and Ralph Wells and mother

Need pics of these children and young teens:

Eugene Joseph Abbott
Carl Edgar Asplund
Filip Oscar Asplund
Clarence Gustaf Hugo Asplund
Marie Catherine Baclini
Helene Barbara Baclini
Eugenie Baclini
Marion Louise Becker
Nourelain Boulos
Akar Boulos
John Morgan Davies, Jr., possible picture
Virginia Ethel Emanuel, possible picture
Robina Maggie Ford
Villjo Unto Johannes Hämäläinen
Hassan Mahmud Hassan (Houssein Mohammed Hassan Abilmona)
Luise Kink Heilmann, possible photo
William Andrew Johnston
Catherine Nellie Johnston
Gertrud Emilia Klasen
Henri Lefebvre
Jeannie Lefebvre
Ida Lefebvre
Mathilde Lefebvre
Madeleine Violet Mellinger
Jamilah Nicola-Yarred
Arthur Karl Olsen
Treasteall Peacock
Michael Peter-Joseph
Mary Peter-Joseph
Salli Helena Rosblom
John Borie Ryerson
Betros Samaan
Beatrice Sandström, possible photo taken with mother and sister
Harald Skoog
Margit Skoog
Telma/Selma Matilda Strom
Mariyah Youssef Tuoma
George Youssef Tuoma, possible photo
Catharina Van Impe, possible photo
Hulda Amanda Adolfina Vestrom
Robertha Josephine Watt
Constance Mirium West
Barbara Joyce West
Hileni Zabour

Holly Peterson

I have pictures of a few of the above and would be more than willing to share them with you, Hildur, but unfortunately I don't know how to paste them onto the message boards. Would you be okay if I sent you a private message with some of the pictures? I'd love to help as long as it's allright with you.
Nov 11, 2005
That would be great: You can send them to my e-mail address: [email protected]

Well, i do know how to post (as i post a lot of pics), so maybe i could help out.
For future postings, press the "insert image/document" (or for larger pics try the "upload oversize image" for posting pictures and documents.

I would be very greatful for any pics you could send me as i could add them to my personal portfolios on each person.

Holly Peterson


The second I saw those beautiful, beautiful pictures I burst out crying. Then I ran upstairs screaming my head off to tell my mother. You have no idea how many years I have spent looking for a picture of Robertha, only to resign myself to the thought that no picture existed of her. I cannot describe how grateful I am to you for finding those pictures. Hildur, I am forever in your debt. Thank you so much!!!!
Nov 11, 2005
Alright, so first off if anyone has seen "Ghosts of the Abyss" then you will know what i am talking about.
In the film, in the third or second last scene, there are several photos that quickly scan across the screen. I have attempted to identify the children (which is easier considering the Titanic population with adults) and i believe i have possibly identified the as such:
Catherine and William Johnston
Robina Maggie Ford
Thomas Sage (different photo that family photo)(seperate photo than photo of family or Thomas)
John, Dorothy and Stella Sage,
Alfred Peacock and mother (different photo that than the one floating around on this site)
and Gilbert Danbom(different photo also)

Holly Peterson

Cool! I've never seen pictures of some of those children before. I'll try and find the film on Youtube and see if I can identify any of them.
Nov 11, 2005
Alright so just to help identify the photos, i can give an idea about the ages in the photos:

The ages in brackets are the approximate ages of the people in the pictures:

Catherine and William Johnston
(both children were extremely close in age, it's difficult to see who is older than who, but i place their ages between 7-9, which also fits the Johnston children)

Robina Maggie Ford (6-7)

Thomas Sage (3-4)(different photo that family photo)(seperate photo than photo of family or Thomas)

John, Dorothy(12-14) and Stella Sage (17-20),
Alfred Peacock and mother (different photo that than the one floating around on this site)(5-7m)

and Gilbert Danbom(different photo also)(3-5m)
Nov 11, 2005
Okay, so in order to better identify these childner, i have included a detailed description of each picture, to the best of my ability given the state of the photos.
They have all come from VICTIMS of the disaster, in the movie "Ghosts of the Abyss"

Ghosts of the Abyss Photographs

Double photo: Boy and girl of close age, aged 6-9.
Children standing close together against cobblestone wall, outside.
Children dressed in clean, smart-looking travelling clothes.

Brown hair,
White sunhat with dark bow band,
Matching long white jacket with dark collar and cuffs,
Dark leggings and dark boots,
Very pretty face

Brown hair,
Light cap covering most of hair,
Black button jacket with six gold/light buttons,
White puffy short pants,
Dark leggings and dark boots,
Has a big smile

Catherine Nellie Johnston, aged 7, 3rd class
William Andrew Johnston, aged 8, 3rd class

Single portrait,
Portrait taken of upper half, from chest up; arms folded in front.
Girl aged 6-8

Dark brown (not black) hair in ringlets, slightly past shoulder length,
Two (one on each side) small white bows in hair,
Dark eyes,
Oval face, slightly chubby cheeks, plain looks,
Thin chain and locket around neck,
Ruffled white collar,
White puffy long sleeved blouse,
Dark (not black) puffy overdress.

Catharina Van Impe, aged 10, 3rd class
Robina Maggie Ford, aged 7, 3rd class

Single portrait,
Boy aged 3-4

Long dark brown hair,short bangs, ust above eyebrows, hair slightly touching shoulders,
Round baby face,
White short pants,
Light-to-medium shade cardigan vest, whitel long sleeved shirt (under vest),
Dark leggings, dark boots.

Thomas Henry Sage, aged 4, 3rd class

Confirmed photo of George John Sage, Stella Anne Sage,and Dorothy Florence Sage.
Close up photo,
different from the family portrait taken five years previous, that's floating around.

Double portrait,
Mother aged in her 30's, and infant, aged 5-8 months.

Blonde hair,
Slightly chubby, pretty face
Gender unknown, wearing simple white gown

Dark hair pulled back,
Dark eyes, medium skin tone,
Prominent facial features,
White collar, dark fancy dress.

Edith Nile Peacock and Alfred Edward Peacock, 7m, 3rd class

Double photo,
Girl, aged 4-6, and boy, aged 6-8

Taken outside in front of door,
Both children dressed in white from head to toe,
Both children have very light white-blond hair.

Paul Folke Palsson, aged 6, 3rd
Stina Viola Palsson, aged 3, 3rd

or possibly of Karl Skoog, aged (then) 6, and Mabel Skoog, aged (then) 4,
taken before Harald Skoog's bith in 1906.

I have postitively identified an additional photo of George, Stella nd Dorothy Sage.

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