Photos of Titanic graves in London

Just a nice courtesy I thought, Ian - in all instances when I've asked, I've found the family appreciative of both the gesture of asking and the impulse to help clean it! Of course, it's often simply not possible to ask the nearest living relatives. It's possible there is some law regarding cleaning headstones - did you know, for example that it is actually illegal to photograph a headstone here in England without the permission of the family? I was amazed when Brian Ticehurst told me this - it's a law that I think everyone here has violated umpteen times! Would be interested in having this verified, and the exact wording of the legislation.

When in April are you going to be in Soton? Would be great to see you there around the time of the convention, but I can imagine you'd have other things on your mind at that time!

Will see about getting in contact with the Friends of Highgate - they're very keen on collating as much information as possible about those interred or commemorated in the cemetery, although they're primarily concerned with the old section of the cemetery.
Try again Houghie

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"for example that it is actually illegal to photograph a headstone here in England without the permission of the family?"

When I was last in S/hampton, I was also told this by one of the grave diggers.

I shall be in S/hampton with my good lady wife from the 18th April - I would love to have come down for the convention - but it's half term week and because we were away from the 18th we will be having the children that w/e until the 17th maybe I'll catch you next year, if I don't bump into you along my travels.

As for "but I can imagine you'd have other things on your mind at that time! "

Yes! I have promised my loved one a holiday, but my itinerary for the week also includes:

2 Graves sites in The Old Common Cemetery.
5 Grave sites in Holybrook Cemetery.
1 grave site in Bitterne Parish Church Yard.
and 2 in St Mary's Extra Cemetery.

Registering at S/hampton research centre.

And finding a caravan storage site and camping site as there is a lot of research work for me down there.

Good Hunting with the Friends of Highgate
Hi Ian,

"Does it happen to mention where he was laid to rest?"

Unfortunately it doesn't. I'm sure Inger knows though. Inger, can you comment on this?

Best regards,

Sorry I didn't catch that message earlier!

Harold W G Lowe was cremated after his death in Australia. The family did plan to return his ashes to North Wales, where they were to be scattered over the Conway River where he had spent so many happy hours with his family as a child. I'll have to ask them if this plan was carried out.

Josie's ashes were interred in the grave of her parents.
As to the condition of the Duff Gordon family plot at Brookwood, I've been asked to say that, until about 3 years ago, it was tended to regularly by one of Lucile's great granddaughters who lived near Brookwood, at Woking. She lives now in Dorset so is thankful to you, Houghie, for clearing off her father's and grandmother's graves.
Hi Inger,

I knew you'd come through!
Thanks for that information and the additional info about Josie. It would be interesting to know if his ashes were scattered over the Conway River.

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I wish I could have done a better job - next time I go grave site hunting I'll be more prepared.

Two victims of the Titanic disaster are mentioned on the family grave in St Mary Magdalene churchyard, East Ham.
The grave was featured recently on Local BBC television and bares the names of Edward James William Rogers (a Storekeeper on Titanic) and his cousin Edward Henry Bagley (1st Class Steward on Titanic).
Both men were born in the East Ham area. Rogers was buried in Canada, whereas Bagley's body (as ET says), if recovered, was never identified.

The middle section of the Rogers gravestone says:
Also Edward James William, son of the above aged 31 years. Also Edward Henry Bagley nephew of the above aged 33 years. Who lost their lives in the Titanic disaster of April 15th 1912.
Out of the deep I call, To thee O Lord to thee, Before thy throne of Grace I fall, Be merciful to me.

Thanks for following up the recent BBC TV London News report on a gravestone mentioning Titanic victims in an East Ham churchyard. It was interesting to hear from you the identities of the two young men who perished, also to see the accompanying photographs.

According to my wife who saw the BBC report it was claimed that the chuchyard involved is "London's largest churchyard" and has been a nature reserve for 20 years.

I appreciate your good work in providing the additional details.
I hope to find out further information about Bagley and Rogers, and will post it on ET when I do.
Whilst on the subject Lucile Duff Gordon. I made a visit to the Brookwood Cemetery last spring and came pond on their grave stone. Not to far from captain Smith wife and daughter graves. Unfortunately they are in a bit of a mess like so many other too. But I do know of a headstone person who can tidy them up.


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I have been battling for months of red tape to get permission of the headstones Captain Smith wife and daughter clean up at the Brookwood Cemetery and final got there.
Next is Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon and his wife Lucy lady about forty yards apart. More paper work for permission.
Captain Walter Henry Parker for Olympic is there to. Show a picture of head stone is in poor condition difficult to read with the Olympic ship in graved to.


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In respect of Captain Smith wife Sarah Eleanor and daughter Helen Melville who must of been shock to hear of his death. I place a small bunch of flowers on their graves today at the Brookwood Cemetery Working Surrey UK. I also place flowers on Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon and wife Lucy grave site to.
I had no luck in finding Captain Walton Parker of Olympic grave site as the person of contact wasn't there today, However I shall be there in the next few weeks.


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