Photos of Titanic graves in London

I have visited Captain Walter Henry Parker gravesite at Brookwood Cemetery Surrey UK the same place as where Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon and his wife Lady Lucy first class passengers whom survived the sinking. Also Captain Smith wife and daughter are buried there too. Parker was the Captain of RMS Olympic for about one year 1928-1929 before retiring at the age of 60. Finding his gravesite with the other 250,000 certainty was time consuming to find. The gravesite has been badly neglected over the years and difficult to read the headstone. The engraving at the top is of a 3 or 4 mast schooner sailing ship. I have ask permission for to be clean up, but warn could take many months before permission is granted, as the owner has to be found first!


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Strictly speaking the Cemetery is south west of London where a 45 minute train journey railway line was built to move the dead away from London right into the cemetery. Where two thousand acre was granted to take care of the overflowing numbers from London. As from 1854 twenty one cemeteries in London were moved there to. I am now on guided walking tours ever months where quite remarkable history lies within the cemetery grounds.