Photoshopped Sinking Photograph

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Addison Wesley

Hello all, this is my first post in these forums. I've always wanted to see a photograph of the state of things on-board during the sinking. The Cameron film was great, but there's still a new look and feel about it. I tried to Photoshop an image from the web in attempt to give it an authentic quality. I don't know anything about the lighting on board (was it this bright?) or about turn-of-the-century photography, so suggestions are welcome. If there's any interest, I'll post any more I do in the future, as I really only do this for myself.

This picture was taken from the 1997 film:
[Image deleted for copyright. MHS]

Addison, I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but that image is under copyright protection. Please don't post copyrighted images unless you have the permission of the copyright holder.
Not open for further replies.