Picture of QM2 and 2 other ships Infinity and Caronia

Jerry Nuovo

Jan 18, 2003
New Jersey,USA
I did find this picture on another website.In the picture is the QM2 and 2 other ships which are the Celebrity Cruise Ship Infinity and the other Cunard Ship Caronia.This photograph was taken over a month ago when all 3 ships were docked in Brazil for the Carnaval festivities in Rio.The QM2 is and does look larger when compared with the 2 other ships Infinity and Caronia.Here is the website to see the photograph www.cruising.com.br/fotos/20040224_qm2_infinity_caronia.jpg . Any opinions on this photograph? Sincerely,Jerry Nuovo

Mike Anderson

It's a good picture. The Cunard livery does make the QM2 look rather nice, though its shape leaves something to be desired.

The Caronia, though, is an altogether good looking ship. It's worth checking out a larger picture of it. Heard it's being taken out of service, though.

The Celebrity fleet isn't externally good looking, but I've got to hand it to them for putting the Olympic panels in one ship. Even better, the Normandie's "La Normandie" as well as some of the original bas-reliefs are in another. I've never been on any of their ships, but for what it's worth, it looks like they convey more of an ocean liner feel than Cunard's new ship.

Alex McLean

Mike, Jerry,
I saw both the Cunarders in Southampton last week, and while QM2 is impressive, I still prefere the looks of Caronia. I hope Saga Cruises makes good use of her.
My best,


Mike Anderson

Do you happen to know what livery the Caronia's going to be taking on? While she looks fantastic in Cunard colors, the pictures of her as the Vistafjord (I probably butchered the spelling there) aren't overly impressive.

Anyway, has anybody been aboard the Celebrity ship with the Normandie statue and panels?

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