Picture of Staircase inside the Eastland after Disaster

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Zachary Lee

Apr 22, 2005
Hello, everyone! I just found this resourceful website on the capsizing of the Eastland and have found a whole mess of pictures from the disaster. Some of them show the inside of the ship after the horrible disaster. Here's the link to one of them and the website is: www.eastlanddisaster.org

Picture of Eastland Stairway: http://memory.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/I?cdn:35:./temp/~ammem_NBIf::displayType=1:m856sd=ichicdn:m856sf=n065030:mad:@@

How would you guys feel to go in a ship that claimed hundreds of lives (like the guys in the picture)?
Aug 29, 2000
http://www.eastlandmemorial.org/index.shtml is another excellent link. The TIS Chicago convention will be featuring Eastland programming May 19-21 with a river excursion to the place of the tragedy and a visit to the new (opening April) Eastland exhibit at the Center for History, a facility of the Wheaton Historic Preservation Council. The Center for History is expanding their museum, which will now have 2 locations... one being the original museum and the new one holding the permanent Eastland exhibit, called "The Eastland Story." The new museum will be at 315 West Front Street, Wheaton, IL. I believe there are four survivors alive from this disaster who were very young children on the day. There are postcards (8 that I know of) available on ebay of the capsizing at the pier.
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