I noticed there were some 1st class passengers that either had no picture under their names on the passenger list or just of their home or grave. I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of any of the 1st class passengers without pictures.

Holly Peterson

Hello Janicole,

I doubt that there is a single book or website that has a picture of every last passenger. Instead, one has to do a bit of digging around the internet or the library to find what one wants. What I mean is, just because Encyclopedia Titanica doesn't have some pictures of your first-class passengers doesn't mean they're not available on the internet. Here are some excellent sites and books you might find useful:

This site has many passport photos of Titanic passengers, most taken seveal years after the disaster, and almost all of them are of first-class passengers. If the link doesn't work, just type in Passport Photos Titanic in the google search engine and it should come up.

That's the only site I can think of that specializes in first-class passengers, but try typing some of their names into a search engine and you might find something.

As for books, I'd highly reccommend Women and Children First by Judith Geller, and Titanic: the Great Lakes Connection by Cris Kohl, for the amount of 1st-class passenger photos they have.

Finally, if there are any specific passengers you really want pictures of, you can e-mail me and I'll see if I can find some for you.

Welcome to Encyclopedia Titanica,

Holly Alzbeta Peterson