Pictures of the house J. Bruce Ismay grew up in

It's pictures of the house J. Bruce Ismay grew up's for sale. Of course they are using his connection with the titanic to bring it maximum's beautiful. It has alot of old style in it they used on titanic.......just go see it ; it's fantastic.
Let me know what you think........
Hi Teresa,

I just went to the website about the auction of J.B.Ismays' house. I see what you mean about the exterior and interior of the house, it looks lovely, the bedroom looked impressive!! Well all of it did!
I've just read that in the later years of Ismays life he had a circulation illness which left him with having to have his leg removed and confined to a wheelchair. Have you heard about this? Thanks again for the info on the website!

Best wishes
Hi Emily and Teresa,

I've heard this story about Ismay's leg removed. This poor man had anxiety for the Titanic disaster for the rest of his life. When he had had his leg removed he thought it was a sort of relief to have the leg removed with which he had entered the lifeboat on the 14th of April 1912. A decision many disliked.

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Hi Emily & Lars,

No, I had never heard of his leg being horrible that must have been. I have very little about his life. I can understand why people were upset with him but I also felt we were too hard on him too.........whose to say what we would do in the same situation? I would like to think I could be heroic & give my seat to a child or someone less fortunate but if I was faced with my own mortality who knows? That is an endless debate......but I'm glad you enjoyed the site.......