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Pictures of the Titanics Dead

Discussion in 'Halifax recovery operation burials etc' started by Jason Marcotte, Jul 12, 2000.

  1. Even though this is definitely a morbid topic, I am interested in knowing what ever happened to the photographs taken of the bodies recovered from the Titanic site. I have read in various places that there was a photograph taken of each individual victim to aid in the identification process. Are these photos still in the Halifax archives, have they ever been published. If one ever gets a chance to purchase or read the book, Titanic: 31 Norweigan Destines, there is a photograph of Sigurd Moen's body laying in a wooden casket. To date, this is the only close-up picture I have seen of the Titanic dead. I by no means want to give off the impression, that I am some sort of ghoul who possesses a fetish for dead people, but I am passionate about the Titanic story and am eager to learn all I can about the ship and those that sailed on her. I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.

  2. There are good photographs of two Titanic victims in “Titanic: Triumph & Tragedy”￾. If I'm right, one of them is a bath attendant and the other is a steward. Sorry that I cannot remember the page on which they appear.

    In response to your question, I believe there is quite a big chance that all these pictures are still in the possession of the Halifax national archives. Hope I helped,

    Charles Provost
  3. Mike Herbold

    Mike Herbold Member

    The picture of the corpse of Sigurd Moen shows up in a number of books ("Titanic, 31 Norwegian Destinies", for one) as does an unidentified victim being embalmed on the deck of the Mackay Bennett.
  4. Rob Jewel

    Rob Jewel Guest

    I am looking for information on a "lookout". He
    would be 18-25 or so, at the time of the sinking.
    Hw was a crew member of the RMS TITANIC, in 1912.
    He is ARCHIBALD JEWEL/JEWELL. He was on the DAY
    crew shift, with RICHARD SYMONS. I would like to
    know more about him. Or even find a photograph of him. I do not know if he lived or not. I also do not know if he even was aboard, but the
    records I've seen say he was...

    Many thanks to all in advance...
  5. Phillip Gowan

    Phillip Gowan Member

    Dear Rob,
    Archie Jewell was born December 4, 1888 in Bude, North Cornwall, England and married Elizabeth (Bessie) Heard (1889-1962) on August 24, 1915. He and his wife had a son, Raymond, who died as a teenager. Archie was killed on April 17, 1917 when his ship, the DONEGAL, was torpedoed in the English Channel. There is a very in-depth biographical article in the Atlantic Daily Bulletin, Number 4, 1999, page 21 which will give you much more information resulting from the excellent research of Steve Coombs. A photo of Archie appears on page 232 of the book TITANIC VOICES by Donald Hyslop. You can order a copy of the above referenced Atlantic Daily Bulletin from the British Titanic Society, P.O. Box 401, Hope Carr Way, Leigh, Lancs., England, WN7 3WW.

    I hope this helps.

    Phillip Gowan

    TMONERA Guest

    Can somebody please tell me if there were any transexuals on board the titanic,and if there were , were they counted as women when the lifeboats were being loaded so therefore were they granted access??
  7. Jen K.

    Jen K. Guest

    This is response to TMONERA question about transexuals aboard Titanic. That is a thoughtless and offending to ask on such a matter as this. That is the last thing I would ever ask a message board. Even if there were do you really think it would be a topic of discussion in Titanic's history books!
  8. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator

    I agree with you Jen!!

    I second that in a hearbeat! How could anybody even think of asking that kind of a question?!

    Jason D. Tiller
  9. TMonera

    TMonera Guest

    OOOOHHHH touchy Jen honey in case you have not noticed this is a discussion board dear so get over it
  10. Mimi

    Mimi Guest

    You tell her Thelma honey , In answer to your question that is debatable there could of been but I just can't help you there ,sorry darling
  11. TMonera

    TMonera Guest

    Isn't anyone going to answer my question?????
  12. Thelma, in that day and age, "preferences" of that sort or any other which were considered perverted were very carefully hidden...and for good reason. What would get you laughed at now at best and possibly scorned at worst now, at that time would land the offender in prison or a mental institution.

    In any event, some have to be wondering what's the point of the question in the first place?

    Michael H. Standart
  13. Philip Hind

    Philip Hind Staff Member Moderator

    I know our discussions do meander from time to time, but it is helpful if people can remember to start a new discussion when they want to raise a new topic.

    This one has gone from "Pictures of the Titanics Dead" to "information on a "lookout"" to "transexuals on the Titanic"!! We're only one step away from Hershey bars.
  14. Bill DeSena

    Bill DeSena Guest

    Where their pictures of dead transexuals and lookouts carrying Hershey bars? Now that's an unresearched topic for a book!

    Just kidding folks, yes, as Philip says start a new disussion when you meander too far and this one has really gone in strange directions, wow!

  15. As for pictures of the dead, I too had read once that there was a photographer, who took pictures only of those bodies that were embalmed and brought back to Halifax. Those burried at sea were not photographed.

    There was once an extensive archive of the bodies photographed. Many were of unidentified recognisable bodies, in hope that someone will identyfy the person. As the body could not be kept till someone claimed it, many were buried. The photos would still allow identification of the buried person, had one come to claim and identify his/her relative.

    I personally had once posed this question (not on this messageboard, privatelly) to see if there was still a photo of Col. Astor, to see if there was archival proof that his body was indeed crushed.

    The photos were once (when I don't know) in the Halifax archive but there are no photos there now. The only surviving photos are in Charles Haas' collection. He however only has a few, 30 if I'm not over exaggerating it.

    Hope this helps.

  16. TMonera

    TMonera Guest

    For any one thats intrested ,which is all of you I took Phillips advice and tried to start a new topic titled "Trannie On Board ?" but its since been wiped so there you are .I suppose I will have to give up trying to get an answer as no one seems to have the knowledge or the answer apart from Mimi dear who at least tried so thank you for trying Mimi and also I have an original photograph of Mrs Robert Clifford Cornell but because of peoples behaviour towards me I will not be sharing it.
  17. Tmonera

    Tmonera Guest

    Sorry how stupid of me it has not been wiped just changed from its original position thanks
  18. Sam

    Sam Member

    So you honestly epect us to believe what YOU say??
    I don't think so
  19. TMonera

    TMonera Guest

    OH go to hell
  20. About the pictures, is it possible, when the bodies of the first class passengers were given to the families, they gave them the photos also?