May 6, 2003
I know someone said that any pictures that have gone down with the ship have disintigrated but i think that they are preserved by the acid coating or something. I bet if someone traced all the photographers on board and found their cabin numbers they might be able to find them. I had this idea when i saw ghosts of the abyss since the new robots can go really deep into the ship. Maybe James Cameron will take on the mission. lol.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Not likely Stefan. You might remember the film they used to invesigate the bactaria that are literally eating the iron on the ship. They made short work of the film pretty quick and in only a few days. I strongly doubt that film submerged in this environment for 91 years would do any better.

Caroline Chavez

Stefan, i was thinking the same, Also i was thinking of posting a messgae but i didnt(ihave my reasons) And what your asking is a very good question. None of us know nothing for a fact, we also will never know till we try. I do know that if anything(especialy cameras)where still down in the atlantic, by now there rusted, decaded,and maybe even preserved by some type of chemical in that water,as you said. But i dont have one doubt in my mind to disagree with you, because i was wondering exacly the same.


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