Piece from Lusitania shipwreck?


May 2, 2017
I think my father was a part of a shipwreck expedition in the mid/late 80's and i'm pretty sure it was Lusitania. He didn't get to tell me all the stories before he passed away. Lately I've been watching documentaries about Lusitania and i though i should investigate the artifacts he found. Since there haven't been allot of divings as far as i know i would like to get to know what kind of expeditions he was on and if there is any information about it?

It's a pocket watch with the label "New York Standard Watch"

Jan 17, 2019
Nice, France
Back in 1982, Oceaneering International salvaged some items from the Lusitania wreck, including a quantity of watch cases and boxed mechanisms. These were mainly sold afterwards to collectors and a few museums, by Cobwebs in Southampton. I have one of these watch cases in my collection and I can guess that your mechanism was part of those salvaged pieces. They had been sent from N.Y. to Liverpool by H.W. St John & Co. Most probably in separate pieces to avoid import duties on complete watches. It was probably cheaper to import separate spare parts.

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