Piece of steel for sale



Hello everyone!

As I said on another thread I have four little pieces of steel from the big piece. I absolutely want to keep three of these, but as I'm student, I need to sell one of these because I more need success in my studies than collecting things ^^
So I propose you this piece which is currently on ebay (but the price is flexible because I know I put it a little bit expensive)
I let you the freedom to send me offers if interested ;)
For those who thinks I'm on this forum only for selling I prevent you don't worry I'm fascinated about the Titanic since I am child and I follow this forum since two years and read a lot of pics.
But now place to the historic of this piece and photographies.
This piece was taken by a eyewitness who saw the transport of the big piece during 1998 Atlantic city exhibition.
Then the witness passed away and his wife sold these pieces to a professional numismat named David Vapnitsky (Las Vegas)
Then it was sold to a collector named Bryan Hire who sold it to me.
Here there are photographs and macro photographies of the piece + argentic photographies of the transport of the big piece
Thank you for you attention and happy new year for you and your family ;)
And thank you for your big help if you buy it :)

Maxence Defaix (located France)

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