Pinpointing Wreck footage

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Jun 10, 1999

Thanks Colleen for alerting me to the entry in *our* guestbook of a one...P.H. Nargeolet!
Welcome aboard Mr. Nargeolet. It is my hope that you will become a regular participant on the message board.

Perhaps P.H. will find this and/or a wreck enthusiast can help me to identify a precise location on the wreck and subsequent artefact that was recovered. During the closing segments of the "A & E" (Pt. 2..."Legend Lives On") the French submersible NAUTILE can be seen attaching a lasso around a large section of wreck debris, all the while under the narration of P.H. Nargeolet..."Everytime we return to the wreck we pay homage to the victims of this tragedy".

I was in contact with Roy Mengot in regards to this video footage, of which my intrigue prevailed. As an aside...Also included amongst this brief "A & E" wreck footage was the French R.O.V. Robin accessing entry to the refrigeration area of Titanic's wrecked stern.

From my viewpoint it appears to be the Eccentric Strap that is being recovered, however from a reliable source I understand that the strap was recovered alone, amidst the seabed.

As a personal reward to myself, I would appreciate your help on this matter.

Thank You,

Michael A. Cundiff
Carson City, NV

Mike Bull

Dec 23, 2000
If indeed P.H IS reading our comments here, I do hope he joins in the discussions-although there is bound to be some flak, I for one would very much welcome him to some of these topics!
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