Piracy threat to QE2

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I wondering what people's feelings are but the thought has occurred to me that the QE2 is shortly about to head through the Suez Canal and down the Red Sea to the Horn of Africa.

If anyone has read the news in recent months, the Horn is infested with Pirates who will hijack ships and demand huge ransoms.

Is it just me or is there really a threat the QE2 could be targeted by these people? A BBC reporter said just today that they regard no ship as being to big to attack. One would think it would be prudent perhaps to give the QE2 naval escort through this very dangerous region.

Any thoughts or has anyone heard anything?

James Carey

Sep 14, 2004
She could outrun most ships and I believe she is equipped with one of those sonic sound wave thingys. (not to get too technical)

Joe Russo

Apr 10, 2006
I think Kyle said she hit almost 33 knots in the Pacific on this last world cruise.
How funny would it be for her to parallel the two older Queens outrunning pirates they way they outran the Nazi U-Boats.

Tom Roesser

May 14, 2007
Many cruise ships, including the vessels in Cunard's fleet, have LRAD's (Long Range Acoustic Devices), which create a very concentrated beam of sound that is capable of permanent hearing damage. Although they're not cheap (around $20,000-$30,000 per unit), they can be incredibly effective. The Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth 2 all have at least 2 to my knowledge, and one is always ready for use while in port. In the photo of the QE2 below, one can be seen at the furthest end of deck one near the life rafts when in position. The LRAD is the circular device covered by the tan tarp.


If that doesn't work, the next best thing is to try and use the fire hoses that can be found on deck to drive the attackers away.

Ellen Grace Butland

For those interested, QE2's webcam shows her entering the Suez Canal. Also interesting is the fact the QM2 is going to Dubai next year and in 2010. So the pirates might have a bigger prey than the Qe2 in mind, and a year or two to plan. However, I bet the covers will soon be off QE2's noisemakers
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Pirates often have much better sources then an internet forum. By the time I post a bit of news, somebody else has already written and published the thing so the only thing I'm doing is calling out attention to something that somebody else has already made known.

Yes, these guys have internet access but they also know where to look to find information like schedules, manifests, routes and the like. What this means is that they know more then we do and they find out about it first. If they want to plan things out, they don't need our help.
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