Plans for building from scratch


Is someone knows where I could get Titanic's plans for building a wooden model ? I mean plans that are already in a working scale, without having to figure it out ? I don't care if it cost money (I mean not an exagerated one like I have seen on a web site 3 sheets for over hundred pounds!). I have looked Hanh's but it is no longer in service as well as "CAD Plans" and "Titanic Modelism" or something like that. I don't want any kit plastic or wooden kit, but plans to build her from scratch. That could be the Sheer plan, the half breadth plan and body plan, but that could also be the "step by step" building's plans.

Thank you very much!
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I took a look at Hahn's plans website, and it seems to be working :
Titanic model

The order has to be made by email, he provides a form that you have to join to your purchase.


Jack Raby

I have Hahn's plans. I bought them not so long ago so they should still be available. Their scale is 1/144. Be aware that they're not perfectly accurate so you'll need other sources. They include all the details of the superstructure to scale (cranes, winches etc...). Bruce Beveridge's plans seem to be more accurate. But you'll have to fiddle a bit to adapt the scale.

I remember having some issue with the provided email on Hahn's website. I had to use another one.