Plans for Oceanic

I came across a ship modeling website recently that offered plans for the Oceanic. I'm trying to track the site back down but I can't find it. Has anybody seen it?

Ryan Thompson

Timothy Trower

You are not, by chance, referring to the plans for a four funnelled steamer with counter stern that was a 1926 proposal by Harland & Wolff for the White Star Line, are you? If so, those plans are available from the Titanic Historical Society.
I don't remember how many funnels it had. They wanted you to buy it to find out, I think.

I looked at the Titanic Historical Society's website but couldn't find anything relating to the Oceanic.
I'm probably just not searching the right way

Mark Baber

TitanicNerd, note that the message you're responding to is over six years old and that Ryan last posted in 2009. He is not likely to see your message.